Who is the dancer girl in the 2023 LinkedIn commercial

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It’s a fresh commercial about finding your identity, but also an exciting dance performance with a catchy song and a little woman stealing the spotlight. LinkedIn released a memorable ad in the summer of 2023, and people wanted to know more about who the dancer girl is and what’s the song. Let’s find out!

You can watch the 2023 LinkedIn commercial here on Youtube.

The 2023 Linkedin commercial: who is the dancer girl, and what’s the song?

The little girl who performs as a spontaneous dancer in the 2023 LinkedIn commercial is the British young actress Lexi Lancaster. You can find her profile on the dedicated page of her agency, where the LinkedIn commercial is also mentioned among her experiences.

Lexi had already participated in other commercials for Adidas, Zara, and other brands. In the 2023 LinkedIn commercial, Lexi plays the role of a young girl in a laundry, getting caught by the heat of the moment: she starts dancing and wearing every kind of clothing she finds, impersonating a different identity every time. Which is the message LinkedIn wanted to convey: find your “in,” your dimension. Trying out many possibilities, eventually.

The song featured in the commercial is Guerrilla by Remi Wolf. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Remi Wolf - Guerrilla (Official Video)

Remi Wolf is a young American singer who’s been active since 2019. Guerrilla is a single extracted from her debut album Juno, released in 2021. Her pop style is rich with many influences, especially hip hop, and funk, representing a unique sound that follows the musical trends of the moment.

So the combination is perfect: LinkedIn released a commercial supporting free spirit, with a young actress showing off as a dancer and a catchy song that stays stuck in our minds. Basically, everything a good commercial should have.

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