What’s the song in the 2023 Jeep commercial?

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Jeep has been a relevant presence on American TV in the summer of 2023. Their ads show an excellent glimpse of the American spirit; they easily remain in viewers’ memories. Especially if they feature the right song: there is a commercial that has been airing recently, with an exciting concept and a popular track in the background, recently released by OneRepublic. Let’s discover it.

What’s the song in the 2023 Jeep commercial?

The song featured in the commercial released by Jeep in the summer of 2023 is Runaway by OneRepublic. You can find it in full streaming below, whereas here you find the Jeep commercial we are talking about.

OneRepublic - RUNAWAY (Official Music Video)

Runaway is the new single released by OneRepublic in May 2023. The song represents their return to the music scene after one year of silence: the song presence in the 2023 Jeep commercial campaign is probably part of the promotion the American band organized around the single.

OneRepublic gained mainstream recognition with the release of their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, in 2007. The album featured their breakthrough single, Apologize, which became a massive hit worldwide. The band’s sound is characterized by catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, and a blend of pop and rock elements.

OneRepublic is known for their energetic live performances and Ryan Tedder’s distinctive voice. The band has collaborated with various artists and producers, including Timbaland, Alesso, and Peter Gabriel. Over the years, they have achieved significant commercial success, with numerous chart-topping hits and millions of album sales worldwide. Their music has been featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials, further cementing their popularity.

The song expresses the need to escape from daily routines occasionally. Below are the lyrics from the chorus, also present in the 2023 Jeep commercial.

Can we just let go and run away?
Right now, lеt’s just run away
All that talk is killing me
One last shot, hold onto me, oh
Babе, I think we should run away
I’m my own worst enemy
Blue sky’s only miles away
One last shot, hold onto me, oh

An exciting pop song for a commercial that will be heavily present during summer: the perfect match had its results.

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