Five things that set Zodiac Casino apart from other Canadian online casinos

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Casino websites weren’t popular in Canada a few months ago because local bettors were more interested in sports betting. However, the growing number of sites that offer slots and the fact that iGaming is becoming more popular led to many new casino sites in the country.

Most sites look the same, but when playing at Zodiac casino, players can take advantage of a range of different promotions that make this platform way more intriguing. Of course, a brand like that can give its users access to plenty of additional options and all of them have a role in its immense popularity among Canadian gamblers.

A couple of key things set this company apart from its competition, and we thing it’s important for you to know more.

  1. Links to the regulators

Canadians are interested in using secure online casinos because they fear that someone can steal their personal information. You can visit multiple legit gambling brands in this country, but most do not realize that it’s important to share more information about those things.

Zodiac Casino is one of those sites because once you open its website and scroll to its footer, you can see the responsible authorities. Unsurprisingly, the company obtained a written statement from several authorities, including the iGaming regulator in Ontario and Canada’s second big responsible licensing commission.

  1. You can examine the largest amounts of money won by players

Like other sites offering casino games, this one lets users access many jackpot titles that provide different perks. Many have impressive prizes, often reaching a couple of millions of dollars. Interestingly, ZC is among the rare companies that share more details about some of its biggest winners. 

Of course, you won’t be able to learn their names or addresses, but you check their pictures and the amount won. This may not seem that impressive, but some people like it because it makes the platform feel more credible.

  1. The casino shows Canadians they can experience if they decide to use the mobile site

Zodiac Casino is one of the gambling brands in Canada that realizes the importance of offering high-quality mobile options. Consequently, the operator decided to showcase its mobile offers directly on its home page.

As soon as you open the site and scroll down, there will be a review of what you’ll find when using the brand’s mobile options. You will see that there are many options to avail yourself of, and you can experience plenty of games and many offers. Interestingly, you won’t need to download an iOS app or get an application for Android. Thanks to its advanced features, Zodiac Casino uses the latest tech for mobile sites.

  1. Gamblers can see the top progressive slot games

Progressive slots are trendy in many countries worldwide, but in Canada, they are on another level. Casino enthusiasts love trying those kinds of things because their prize is pretty big and usually surpasses $10M. The bad thing is that most casinos don’t have enough options for their clients.

On a positive note, the casino is not like the rest because it has a few top-tier titles, including Wheel of Fortune and Mega Moolah. The first tile is more special because this operator has an exclusive bonus for it.

  1. The site is accessible in English and French

Even though most Canadians experience difficulties using the English version of Zodiac Casino, since the brand wants to be different, it is also available in French. Needless to say, the latter is also an official language, and people in some parts of Canada will be happy to know that they can use it to wager on sports.