Finn’s Cove: what’s the location of Travelers commercial?

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It’s one of the most recognizable commercials on American TV since 2022. The kids screaming “I see the ocean,” the excitement of going on vacation, and the accident that seems to ruin the whole plan, if it wasn’t for Travelers Insurance. The ad shows a beautiful location called Finn’s Cove, and everybody wants to know where it is. Let’s discover together what’s behind the commercial.

You can watch the Travelers “Ocean” commercial here on Youtube.

Finn’s Cove: what’s the location of the Travelers commercial?

Finn’s Cove, the location chosen by the family in the Travelers commercial for their vacation, is actually a fictional place: there is no place named Finn’s Cove, and you won’t find it on Google Maps or anywhere else. As a confirmation, you can find the road sign welcoming us in Finn’s Cove in the portfolio of this print shop, as a work commissioned by Travelers for the commercial.

However, a beautiful shot in the commercial shows a road heading to the ocean and an island in front of the coast. The viewers want to know the location, and Travelers hasn’t revealed this information. We can say that the island looks very similar to Ketron Island in Washington: the island’s shape is similar, with all those trees giving that specific look. And technically, that would be the ocean: after Washington, the coast continues until we can see the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy a closer look at the island in this video on Youtube.

In conclusion: if you want to visit Finn’s Cove, the location shown in the Travelers commercial, the truth is that that place doesn’t exist. But if you want to visit a site like the one you see in the ad, with that beautiful island looking at the ocean, the best match for you is Ketron Island in Washington. And you can get there by car, of course: a typical family vacation through the roads of America.

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