Creed 3 soundtrack: Adonis walkout song in the last fight

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Whether you are a fan of Rocky/Creed movies or fond of boxing in general, you surely pay a good dose of attention to music. That’s why people focused so much on the soundtrack when Creed 3 was released in 2023: the movie shows off an incredible collection of fantastic hip-hop songs, triggering viewers’ searches during the film. The walkout song we hear when Adinos Creed enters the ring in the movie’s last fight is one of the most googled songs on the list, even because it has something to do with the famous American rapper J. Cole: let’s explore it together.

You can watch the official trailer for Creed 3 here on Youtube.

Creed 3 soundtrack: Adonis walkout song in the last fight

The song we hear in the Creed 3 soundtrack when Adonis Creed enters the ring in the movie’s last fight is Anthem by Dreamville Records feat. EST Gee and Big Sean. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Dreamville, EST Gee, Big Sean - Anthem [Official Audio]

The song is part of the many tracks written by the artists of Dreamville Records, the record label founded by the rapper J. Cole in 2007. It’s the label that released Creed 3 official soundtrack. Anthem was written by EST Gee and Big Sean, two authorities of American hip-hop, and produced by Dreamville for the movie soundtrack.

Anthem is a song about a man who arrived at the peak of his path, celebrating his success. In the lyrics you hear in the movie, Big Sean sings about how it feels to arrive there on top, listening to people criticizing him: they are always ready to attack those who gain the success they deserve. However, the protagonist is prepared to point out the differences between him and the others in terms of discipline, determination, and talent.

Below you can find the song lyrics you hear in Creed 3, during Adonis Creed’s walkout toward the ring:

Why would I ever trip on my spot when I earned it?
Y’all lacking discernment
They prolly gon’ talk about you not at the next sermon
Difference is you do it on purpose, and me, I do it for a purpose
Just know as long as I’m up, that it’s never your turn in
Look, they must’ve forgot that I’m my daddy’s son (Woah)
And if I’m after him, they have to run, okay, you had a run
Difference is we the ones that run it

Discipline is the difference ‘tween who got it and who want it
They rather count me out than count me in
Always count on me, y’all boy’s counterfeit
They rolling with the punches, boy, I countered it
Y’all really judging me and I can’t honor it
See, I was born in the ashes so of course I rise
I’m in that state of mind, for real, y’all just borderline

It’s a powerful song that pumps up the audience in the arena and in front of the screen, played in a key moment of the movie. That’s what a good soundtrack can do: make a scene memorable so we still remember it after the movie ends.

Other notable tracks from Creed 3 official soundtrack are Last Time That I Checc’d by Nipsey Hussle feat. YG (Damian “Diamond Dame” Anderson’s walkout song in the final match) and Adonis Interlude (The Montage) by J. Cole

You can listen to the official soundtrack for Creed 3 here on Spotify.

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