Ariana Madix roasts her ex-boyfriend in Duracell commercial

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For some commercials, you know they will get really viral already after the first time you watch them. It’s what happened in June 2023 with the Duracell commercial Ariana Madix interpreted for their official Instagram page: a hilarious take with many references to the breakup she recently had with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. As fans know, Ariana has more than one reason to be angry with Sandoval: let’s see what she said in the ad and what happened.

You can watch the Duracell commercial with Ariana Madix below.

Ariana Madix roasts her ex-boyfriend in Duracell commercial

In the Duracell commercial released on Instagram in June 2023, Ariana Madix collects a lot of jokes about her ex-boyfriend and their breakup. The ad is hilarious from the beginning to the end: Ariana begins by saying explicitly: “Hi, I’m Ariana Madix, and I’m done with anything basic.” Then she looks at the bottle of white nail polish she used until now and throws it away. “Yeah, no.”

The reference is apparent: Ariana Madix has recently broken up with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval, after it was revealed that he had cheated on her with her best friend, Raquel Leviss. Ariana and Tom were in a relationship from 2014 to 2023, but obviously, catching him cheating changed everything. In the Duracell commercial, the reference to their relationship, lasting almost ten years, is explicit: “Moving forward, I’m looking for something premium, something long-lasting. And Duracell is guaranteed to last 12 years. That’s much better than 10!”

Social networks went crazy for the Duracell commercial, appreciating the sharp irony Ariana Madix expresses. You can see on Twitter fans’ reactions: people have defined the commercial as the “most savage” thing they’ve seen in the last few months, labeling it as “genius.”

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval were a couple who gained fame through their appearances on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, which has been airing since 2013. For years, Ariana and Tom have been a fan-favorite couple due to their strong bond and shared interests, but everything changed on March 3, 2023, when TMZ shared the news about their split. The affair between Tom Sandoval and the co-star of the show Raquel Leviss became a central part of the show, as you can see in this highlights video: it never looked like Ariana would forgive Tom for what he did anytime soon. The scandal that followed became famous as “the Scandoval.”

In the Duracell commercial, Ariana Madix looks like she’s moving on: it seems she’s already looking forward to what life plans for her in the future. In the weeks before the commercial, there have been already rumors about her new boyfriend: he should be fitness coach and social media influencer Daniel Wai.

Independently, Ariana Madix seems happy and committed to something more reliable, like the long-lasting Duracell batteries. And many out there wonder if she’s planning to use those batteries more often for something related to her daily private life. It’s a fair question, isn’t it?

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