AKA plot & ending explained: the story of Adam Franco

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AKA is an interesting action-thriller movie that landed on Netflix on April 2023. It’s a French production starring Eric Cantona as the gangster Victor Pastore and Alban Lenoir as the protagonist, Adam Franco. Adam is a man with a complex story, surrounded by bad guys and working on a mission that never appears clear. In this article, we will have the movie’s plot and ending explained, and we will understand Franco’s role.

You can watch the official trailer for the movie AKA here on Youtube.

AKA plot explained: the story of Adam Franco

Adam Franco is undoubtedly a man of action. We see him already in the opening scene, entering a secret place in Libya owned by a local militant group. Initially, he seems there to rescue a girl held as hostage, the journalist Sonia Gautier, but after killing all men, Adam kills Sonia too. We will understand a bit better the reason later in this article.

After that scene, the plot of AKA moves to Paris, where the events start to be explained. Two men have a mission: they are Senator Marconnet and his head of intelligence, Kruger, and they need to kill Al Tayeb, described as a terrorist planning dangerous operations in France. Nobody knows where Al Tayeb is, but it seems clear that the gangster Victor Pastore is protecting him. So Kruger decides to appoint Adam Franco, one of his men, to infiltrate Pastore’s gang.

While AKA plot evolves, we discover part of Adam Franco’s story. When he was 15, he was in all newspapers because he killed a minister who was also a child molester: Adam was the brother of one of his victims. He got shot five times by the police but survived. In a flashback, we discover that after what he did, Kruger decided to train him as one of his agents. That will make Adam Franco his best man, involved in the most risky operations for years. That’s what led Kruger to choose him to infiltrate Pastore’s gang.

Once Adam starts working for Pastore, we understand some other things. Pastore has an enemy, Amet, who wants to run a drug business in his area. His wife, Natalya, runs a nightclub and is dissatisfied with her life. She wants to run away, and for this reason, she sneaks to Amet about the bank Pastore’s men will rob, intending to collect some money and escape with her little son Jonathan. Among Pastore’s men, we also find Pee Wee: we will later discover that he’s Al Tayeb’s cousin, the contact between Pastore and him.

Adam Franco bonds with Pee Wee and Jonathan. About the latter, we can probably understand why: he’s a neglected boy, bullied at school, and nobody protects him. The boy probably reminds Adam something about his dead brother, and that generates the connection. This is how the plot of AKA has explained what happens with Adam and Amet at some point: Amet’s attempt to steal the loot from the bank’s robbery fails, and disappointed, he kidnaps Jonathan. Adam is on his mission, but cannot ignore that, so he decides to break into Amet’s place and kill him, saving Jonathan. It’s a decision driven simply by his bonds with the little kid.

At that point, we are close to the ending of AKA: let’s have it explained.

The ending explained

The events at the ending of AKA need to be explained. Adam Franco finds Al Tayeb and discovers the truth: he’s not a terrorist but a militant from South Sudan who fought for his country’s independence. The French government helped in Sudan’s fight for freedom but later abandoned them, proving that their only interest was the oil reserves in the country. Therefore, Al Tayeb becomes a strong element against French misbehavior, representing a threat to Marconnet, who represents the way the French government betrayed South Sudan. Marconnet invites Al Tayeb to France to discuss, but the truth is that he wants to kill him. Al Tayeb is no terrorist and has no operations planned against France: the “operation” he needs to run is a surgical operation for his sick daughter, and that’s why he needed money. Marconnet is also the one who ordered Sonia Gautier’s death: she was supposed to report to the United Nations about how Western countries operated in Africa. That’s why Adam was sent there in the opening scene: we understand it at the ending of AKA.

After Adam discovers the truth, he no longer intends to kill Al Tayeb, but it’s too late: the army arrives and kills him. Adam and Pee Wee escape, saving Al Tayeb’s daughter. Marconnet’s mission is completed, and Al Tayeb is dead. Still, the dossier he had about Marconnet reaches the newspaper and will probably destroy his political career. Kruger has a lot to do: he needs to kill all people who can reveal his involvement in Marconnet’s mission, and that’s why he kills Pastore.

In the ending of AKA, we see Kruger behind Helene, Jonathan’s sister. Adam Franco shows up with Jonathan, leaving the little kid to his sister and sitting beside Kruger. Kruger tries to kill him and the two siblings, the only people alive who know what happened, but Adam reacts and kills Kruger. After that, he sits next to Helene and Jonathan: from now on, he’s their protector.

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