Meet Mary, the girl in the 2023 Dove commercial

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Something remarkable happened in the world of advertisement in April 2023: Dove, the famous brand focused on beauty and cosmetics, released a powerful commercial telling the stories of young women affected by the toxic representation of beauty in today’s social media. There is a real campaign you can join on Dove’s official website, and other genuine stories you can discover on their Youtube channel. Still, the main protagonist of the 2023 Dove commercial is a little girl called Mary, who has struggled in her childhood with eating disorders. People wanted to know more about her: in this article, we will tell you more about the happy ending of her story and who she is now.

You can watch the 2023 Dove commercial about the ‚ÄúCost of Beauty‚Ä̬†here on Youtube.

Meet Mary, the girl in the 2023 Dove commercial

Mary is the little girl protagonist of the 2023 Dove commercial about the cost of beauty’s representation on social media. Her identity was hidden in the commercial, but she proudly thanked Dove for involving her on LinkedIn when the commercial was released: her name is Mary Esposito, and today, in 2023, she’s a young woman who’s studying Business Administration at the University and has already a successful business running.

Mary Esposito is in her early 20s now. Her eating disorders affected her childhood, but with the support of her mother, she bloomed as a self-confident woman in her teenage. When she was only 14, she started to make and sell crochet plushies, an activity that soon turned into a successful business, Purple Pear. You can buy her products on the official website. As her LinkedIn profile states, her crochet business regularly receives orders from all over the United States. And in 2020, when she was 17, she shared her experience on TEDx Talks: you can watch her speech below.

The Rise of Gen Z: Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age | Mary Esposito | TEDxCaryAcademy

Mary also has more than 100.000 followers on TikTok with her channel Money With Mary, where she shares hints and tips for successful entrepreneurs among the young generations. As you can see, she confidently speaks to the camera, proud of her achievements. Her childhood years were affected by the way social media presented beauty behind her eyes, but she succeeded in overcoming that period without permanent consequences, and her future is now bright. You can follow her Purple Pear business on Instagram, whereas here she also runs her personal profile.

Mary is one of the many young women whose stories were explored by Dove. On Youtube, you can find all the others: Ana, Jameson, Morgann, Pennie, and Ashton. And if you want to actively contribute to a change, supporting more regulation on beauty’s representation on social media, you can sign this petition on ParentsTogether.

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