Amazon Mustache commercial: the girl & the yellow jacket

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It’s definitely one of the most popular ads of 2023: the famous Amazon Prime “mustache” commercial released in March shows the doubts of a young lady who sees his mustache and starts thinking about what to do. The Internet went crazy about all the commercial details: the song is obviously the most searched item, and we explained everything here. More curiosity is related to who the girl is and where we can buy that flashy yellow jacket she’s wearing. Let’s find out!

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The Amazon Prime “Mustache” commercial: who’s the girl & where can you buy the yellow jacket?

The hardest thing to find about the 2023 Amazon Prime “Mustache” commercial was the name of the girl. For weeks it hasn’t been easy to identify the actress, but now we can give you a clear answer: she is Morgan Quinn, a young dancer and actress based in Los Angeles. You can find her here on Instagram, and here is the post she shared in March 2023, thanking all the people that helped her be in the Amazon commercial.

Coming to what she’s wearing: the yellow jacket in the Amazon commercial is the famous yellow leather jacket Freddie Mercury wore at Wembley 1986, and you can indeed find it on Amazon, in case you are really planning to go to the supermarket or at school in some clothes nobody can miss.

We can guide your curiosity also about the boots you see in the ad: it’s a pair of vintage Pony sneakers, you can see them here. The brand Pony was hidden in the commercial, probably because those shoes are unavailable on Amazon.

It was a 30-second commercial, but the curiosity was about everything: now you know the song, the girl, the yellow jacket, and everything else: the details of the “mustache” commercial are valuable knowledge in 2023.

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