The Amazon Prime “mustache” commercial: song & meaning

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The new advertisement campaign launched by Amazon landed on American TV in March 2023, intending to share inspiring messages through symbolic situations that people can easily relate to. The first installment of the new campaign got immediately famous as the “girl with mustache” commercial: an Amazon Prime ad directed by the renowned director Olivia Wilde (Don’t Worry Darling), sending an important message of inclusivity and self-acceptance. There is also a catchy song in the background that we need to deepen. Let’s understand the ad’s meaning and all the details in this article.

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You can watch the original Amazon “mustache” commercial below. If you are curious about who the girl is, and where you can get the yellow jacket and the boots, here you have all the infos you need.

‘Tache | It’s on Prime

Olivia Wilde directs the Amazon Prime “girl with mustache” commercial: a message of inclusivity

In the 2023 Amazon Prime commercial, we watch a young woman face the unwanted mustache she saw on her face for the first time. She’s initially worried about it and starts thinking about some way to remove it, but then she has an insight: all the icons she loves have mustaches, and Amazon Prime is there to remind her. Eddie Murphy, Frida Khalo, and Freddie Mercury show up, almost waving at her, proud of their hair. And that’s how the girl embraces her look, buying (on Amazon, of course) a rock jacket and transforming her style appropriately.

The commercial is directed by Olivia Wilde, debuted at the Academy Awards, and represents the first of a series of commercials on the theme of inclusivity: the next ones are ready for the 2023 launch and involve Lizzo and John Krasinski.

Are you curious about the jacket and the boots the girl wears in the commercial? All the details you need to know are in the article below.

What’s the song in the commercial?

The song featured in the Amazon Prime “girl with mustache” commercial is Cool Cat by Queen, from their 1982 album Hot Space. Meaning that Freddy Mercury is also present in the background music, in a song that maybe not everyone knows: a charismatic take that asks everyone just to embrace themselves, turning their particularities in a unique style. You can listen to the whole song here on Youtube.

The lyrics you hear in the commercial are the ones below:

‘Cause you’re a cool cat
Tapping on the toe with a new hat

Ooh, you’re alright
Hanging out and stealing all the limelight
Messing with the beat

Ooh, you’re a cool cat
Coming on strong with all the chit chat

Since its release, the commercial has become popular because of its message, which supports inclusivity. People have easily connected it with the values supported by the transgender community. Still, the ad is actually a broader lesson of self-acceptance that applies to everyone. And now viewers are curious to see the next installments of the campaign.

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