A Man Called Otto cast: Truman Hanks is young Otto

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A Man Called Otto is the movie adaptation of a famous Swedish book, A Man Called Ove, by the Swedish author Fredrik Backman, a bestseller published in 2012. It was a successful film for many reasons: the story based on the book is fascinating, and the cast made it more interesting. Tom Hanks plays the protagonist, Otto, but the biggest curiosity is around the fact that the actor playing young Otto is precisely Tom Hanks’ young son, Truman Hanks. People are wondering what his other movies are: let’s find out!

You can watch the official trailer for A Man Called Otto here on Youtube.

Truman Hanks, Tom Hanks’ son, is young Otto in A Man Called Otto

Truman Hanks plays young Otto, the movie’s protagonist at a younger age, in the 2022 film A Man Called Otto. The choice has fallen on him to take advantage of the physical resemblance with his father, Tom Hanks, who plays the protagonist Otto in his old age. Truman Hanks is the son Tom Hanks had with his current wife, Rita Wilson.

A Man Called Otto is Truman Hanks’ first relevant role in a big production. Before that, his only appearance as an actor was in the 2020 movie News Of The World, also starring his father, Tom Hanks.

Because of his little experience as an actor, the Internet has been wondering if it was right to choose him for the role of young Otto in the movie. In an interview with Variety, Tom Hanks explained that acting is sort of a “family business” for them: his first son, Colin Hanks (born from his first wife Samantha Lewes ), is already an experienced actor who played in Dexter, Fargo, King Kong, and the Jumanji film series; his daughter Elizabeth Hanks played in Forrest Gump, and his third child Chet Hanks was in Empire and Shameless. Truman Hanks is the youngest son and has just started his acting career.

So yes, Truman Hanks is Tom Hanks’ real son, and he plays in A Man Called Otto. Tom Hanks said that working with his son was a “special” experience: “You know, I changed his diapers. But you get past that right away because you gotta show up, and you gotta hit the marks, and you gotta do it on time, and you gotta be right there.”

As his first significant role, the attention on him was huge, and there have been many different reactions. It’s pretty early to evaluate him, though: we will wait for his future performances in the movie industry. You can follow his career on IMDb.

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