The 2023 Jardiance commercial: the actress & song

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The original purpose of any commercial is to spread knowledge about the product to possible clients, right? That also applies to medications, as Jardiance has always done in the last few years. The difference, in 2023, is that the company decided to present a musical that could make the commercial more catchy, and people started to talk about it on social media. There is curiosity about the actress and the song in the ad: let’s discover more about them.

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The 2023 Jardiance commercial: the actress and the song

The actress singing and dancing in the 2023 Jardiance “Musical” commercial is the American singer and vocal coach Deanna “Bomb Chica” DellaCioppa Colón. You can discover more about her through her official website and her Instagram page (where she proudly shared a snippet of the Jardiance spot).

Deanna DellaCioppa Colón was a singer in Season 8 of America’s Got Talent. She’s also an actress, songwriter & International Vocal Coach. In 2000, she co-wrote and sang the single Higher, produced by David Morales & Albert Cabrera. She’s also famous for songs like Justin Bieber’s Believe, and Charlie Wilson’s Life Of The Party, and she worked for Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, and Cassie, among others. Deanna was also in many Big Lots commercials in the past years: you may remember her for this anthem. And she has a successful cooking/singing show on Tik Tok called “Go Fork Ya Self”. You can discover her complete career with the latest updates on the bio on her website.

In the Jardiance commercial, Deanna also proved her dancing and singing skills. The song featured in the ad has no title or credits; it’s a jingle created on purpose for this commercial. The lyrics try to talk about diabetes in a lighthearted way:

I have type 2 diabetes but I manage it well
It’s a little pill with a big story to tell
I take once daily Jardiance
At each day start

Hearing about this pill inside a musical-themed commercial can invite users to discover more about Jardiance. Of course, the company is careful to explain the indications and collateral effects the pill can have, so you have all the relevant information to evaluate.

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