Bryan Cranston voices the Ford “Men’s Only” commercial

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For International Women’s Day 2023, Ford had honestly a great idea: introducing their new commercial with an apparent contradiction, presenting a “Men’s Only” edition of the new Ford Explorer. The voice that narrates the ad is the famous actor Brian Cranston, busy describing all the missing parts in the car. It apparently has to do with the fact that it’s “Men’s Only.” Let’s understand better what happened!

You can watch the 2023 Ford “Men’s Only” Explorer commercial released for International Women’s Day 2023 below.

Bryan Cranston is the voice in the Ford “Men’s Only” Explorer commercial

The idea behind the commercial is to celebrate women’s less-known creations by imagining an absurd “men’s only” edition of the Ford Explorer where all the parts ever invented are missing. The viewer is, therefore, surprised to discover that the car they are watching has “no windshield wipers, no heating, no turn signals, no rearview mirror, and no GPS.” The shocked voice narrating all this is the one of the American actor Bryan Cranston. And sure, Ford also writes clearly in the ad that “this vehicle is not really for sale.”

Bryan Cranston is not new to humoristic commercials. Just a few weeks before this Ford commercial, he smashed the competition for the 2023 Super Bowl commercial with the “Breaking Bad” commercial for Popcorners. After all, his role as Walter White/Heisenberg in that TV series is still the one that best defines him as an actor.

Cranston has been the narrating voice of Ford Commercials for years. In 2018, he was also physically present in the “Built Ford Proud” ad, where his figure was 3D-scanned and added during the whole duration of the commercial. The voice role in the 2023 commercial is just a new installment of the long collaboration between him and Ford.

Among the other funny commercials interpreted by Bryan Cranston in the past, you will surely remember the Mountain Dew Zero ad released for the Super Bowl 2020, where he plays a parody of The Shining, which is supposed to be “as good as the original.” You can watch it again here on Youtube.

And, probably too obvious to say that: no valid products can ever exist in this world without the contribution of both women and men, of course.

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