Wrong Side of the Tracks, the cast: Laura Ramos is Gladys

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Wrong Side of the Tracks is a successful TV series that gathered positive feedback everywhere. Produced in Spain and set in Entrevías, the neighborhood in Madrid that gives the Spanish title to the show, it’s a story about crime and revenge where the spectators easily identify with the protagonists. People have been curious about the cast, and one of the most exciting characters is Gladys, Nelson’s mother, interpreted by Laura Ramos. Let’s discover who she is and what other movies and TV shows she played in.

You can watch the official trailer for Wrong Side of the Tracks here on Youtube.

Wrong Side of the Tracks, the cast: Laura Ramos is Gladys

Laura Ramos is a Cuban actress born in 1978. She plays Gladys, Nelson’s mother, as part of the cast in the TV series Wrong Side of the Tracks, which landed on Netflix in 2023.

Laura has played in numerous Spanish-speaking movies and TV shows since 1999. Wrong Side of the Tracks could become the first interpretation that gives her international visibility. Among her past roles, she played in the 1999 movie Operacíon Fangio about the kidnapping of the Formula 1 pilot Juan Manuel Fangio in 1958. She was also in the Colombian telenovela El Chivo, aired in 2014: you can see her in this scene.

The Cuban actress is followed by many fans on every new step of her career. She was recently interviewed about the thrill of being part of a crime series distributed worldwide on Netflix. She expressed great satisfaction, considering it an essential milestone in her career. You can watch the interview here, in Spanish.

Laura Ramos will surely play in many other movies and TV shows in the future. Let’s see which of them will get the international audience she got with Wrong Side of the Tracks. You can find the complete list of her roles in other movies and TV shows on her Spanish page on Wikipedia. She’s also on Instagram, with all her followers.

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