Did Skittles really release THAT banned commercial?

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History is full of bold commercials dealing with censorship and getting banned from TV. Some are real ads created by professional marketing teams; others are just legends. One of those is undoubtedly the infamous Skittles commercial often mentioned on the Internet: people refer to it as the “honeymoon” or “newlyweds” commercial, with the tagline “Taste the Rainbow” and a scene that is obviously too extreme to get aired on TV. What’s the story of this commercial? Did Skittles really release such a provocative ad? Let’s discover it together.

Did Skittles really release THAT banned commercial?

The “Honeymoon” commercial got famous over the years as the Skittles banned commercial. In that ad, you can see a couple just married, having sex in a hotel room, after which… we can witness an explosion of Skittles over the bride. The commercial is obviously too provocative to be aired on TV, so the question is: did Skittle really produce a commercial like that?

The answer is: no, they didn’t. The “honeymoon” commercial is actually a parody created in 2011 by a team of parody filmmakers known as the “Step Cousins”: you can learn more about them on their official website, where they openly admit that their “Honeymoon” commercial is, according to Google, “the most watched online spot in the world.” The directors of that parody ad are Jordan Sharon and Keith Hamm, and you can watch it here on Vimeo.

So, that “honeymoon” commercial wasn’t an actual Skittles commercial banned by censorship, but a parody video created by two expert filmmakers specializing in humoristic creations.

Does that mean that Skittles never had a controversial commercial? Just the opposite. Hear us out.

What are the most controversial real commercials ever released by Skittles?

There have been a few Skittles commercials that have been criticized over the years for being too rude, provocative, and shocking. One is undoubtedly the ad released for 2017’S Mother’s Day, marked by someone “as the worst ad of that year.” A son and his mother sitting on a sofa, sharing the intimate experience of eating Skittles together… in a very peculiar way. The vision can be indeed challenging. You can watch it here.

Another notable example is the “Skittles-Pox” commercial, where two teenagers “contract the rainbow,” turning the candies into a contagious disease. You can find it here. Not as bold as the other examples in this article, but Skittles never misses a chance to get provocative.

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In short…

Is the banned Skittles commercial real or fake?

The “Honeymoon” commercial is not a real ad released by Skittles. It’s a humoristic video produced in 2011 by “the Step Cousins,” a team of American filmmakers specializing in funny video creations.