Fans love the Chewy cat commercial & Peanut Butter box

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Everybody knows it: if you want to be memorable with a commercial, you need a pet. The 2023 Super Bowl proved it again with the Amazon commercial with Sawyer and The Farmer’s Dog ad, and even Subaru was happy to refresh our memory with the Barkley family. In all this competition, Chewy stays present with their two beloved commercials airing since 2022: the one with the cat and the other famous as the “Peanut Butter Box” commercial: let’s discover who the pets are, their breed, and how fans are in love with them.

You can watch the 2022 Chewy cat commercial here, whereas the two dogs discussing the Peanut Butter Box are here on Youtube.

The Chewy cat commercial and the Peanut Butter Box ad are fans’ favorites

The commercial campaign shared by Chewy in 2022 is collecting positive feedback everywhere, and people got to love the pets playing in the ads. The Youtube videos shared by the pet products company give us more information about the protagonists.

The cat in the 2022 Chewy commercial is Joy, described as “an excitable, cuddly, Chartreux cat with a flair for the dramatic.” on Youtube. She’s obviously excited about the low prices his master found on the Chewy website, but not so much to be petted for more than a few seconds. “Now back to me time,” she quickly announces right after his owner starts caressing her.

The dogs in the “Peanut Butter Box” Chewy commercial are much more chatty. Their names are Giorgio and Ralph, a Chihuahua and (probably) an English Mastiff, both excited for the arrival of the Chewy box at their door. Ralph is sure that’s a box full of Peanut Butter, but Giorgio tries to correct him: it’s the prescriptions box sent by Chewy; the only thing is that their master always gives them peanut butter when they have to take meds. Still, Ralph doesn’t care about the details: he’s getting peanut butter. “The peanut butter box is here,” he sings happily at the end of the commercial.

The commercials have been airing for months, but people still love them. You can head to Twitter and read the enthusiastic comments coming up every day, proving the massive success of their campaign. And there are also Lenny and Leroy, the two Holland Lop bunnies who go crazy for their biscuits in the commercial you find here. So you have the complete overview of your favorite pets on the TV.

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