Sawyer is the dog in the 2023 Amazon commercial

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For the 2023 Super Bowl, Amazon released a heartfelt new commercial aiming to touch everyone’s emotional chords: the story of Sawyer, a rescue dog that stays at home while the whole family goes to work and school and… makes a mess every day. In the 90-second ad, we see the family looking for a dog kennel on Amazon, and we start having doubts, but then we have a happy ending. Let’s discover everything in this article.

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You can watch the “dog commercial” released by Amazon for the 2023 Super Bowl below.

Saving Sawyer | Amazon's Big Game Ad

Meet Sawyer, the rescue dog in the 2023 Super Bowl Amazon commercial

Sawyer is the dog protagonist of the Amazon commercial released for the 2023 Super Bowl. In the ad, he’s the domestic dog of a family of four, all busy during the day with work and school. The dog makes some mess at home every day, destroying basically every object in the house. When we see the family looking for a dog kennel on Amazon, we fear that they are giving the dog away for adoption, but then, the happy ending arrives: the kennel was needed because the family took another dog so that Sawyer won’t feel alone every day.

The commercial was one of the most touching and emotional ads aired in the 2023 Super Bowl. Many people admitted that they cried while watching it, and you can find many positive comments on the video on Youtube. The reason is clear: many families relate to the situation described in the video, and the family’s reaction is a perfect example of understanding a dog’s need and finding respectful solutions.

Sawyer is (most likely) a Mountain Cur dog, a type of hunting dog with high intelligence and a strong instinct that needs to stay out often. The family tries to be close to the dog as much as possible, even while they are at work through technology, but it becomes clear that Sawyer needs real company at home.

The song you hear in the background is a cover of Love, from the soundtrack of Disney’s movie Robin Hood released in 1973. You can watch the song directly from this movie scene here on Youtube. Below you can find the lyrics you hear in the commercial:

It seems like only yesterday
You were just a child at play
Now you’re all grown up inside of me
Oh, how fast those moments flee

Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on and on

Love will live

Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on and on

Once again, Amazon does a great job in making an emotional commercial that brings everyone together and remains stuck in our heads.

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