Jason Kelce narrates Philly in the Wawa commercial

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Wawa made the decision: they will show their first Super Bowl commercial in 2023, and the idea this time is pretty straightforward: a recognized football personality like Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, expressing his love for Philly, brotherly love, and… hoagies. Which “is not a sub”: the sandwiches typical of the Philadelphia area are the best way to spread the word about what Wawa stores can bring in the rest of the US.

You can watch the Wawa commercial released for the 2023 Super Bowl here on Youtube.

Jason Kelce narrates Philly, brotherly love, and hoagies in the 2023 Wawa commercial

The Wawa commercial released in 2023 for the Super Bowl features the voice of Jason Kelce, the American football center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelce is 35 and will soon retire from football, but he will remain a famous personality in the US for many reasons.

Jason Kelce runs a weekly podcast together with his brother Travis, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The podcast is called New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, and you can listen to it on Apple podcasts. Kelce is also a beloved name by the US tabloids: he’s happily married to his wife Kylie, and in 2023 they will have their third baby, which can actually come precisely while Jason plays at the Super Bowl, as Fox News explained here.

“Hoagie” is the name people gave to the sandwiches made in Philadelphia and South Jersey, the area where Wawa is most diffused. According to history, the term “hoagie” is an evolution from “hoggie,” the sandwiches prepared at the beginning of the 1900s in the Hog Island shipyard. As hoageez.com explains, in those years, there were almost 40.000 employees in that shipyard, and they began making that kind of sandwich during World War I. Hoagies later became the symbol of this kind of street food in Philadelphia.

With their commercial, Wawa helps discover a piece of the history of America and allows the audience to hear once again the voice of Jason Kelce, which works so well on air.

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