Do Lockwood & Lucy get together (or kiss) in the book?

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Lockwood & Co. is one of the most popular TV shows released on Netflix at the beginning of 2023. Based on the series of books by Jonathan Stroud, the story follows the adventure of three agents, Anthony Lockwood, Lucy Carlyle, and George Cubbins. Many questions have arisen in the viewers after watching Season 1. One of those, the most important: do Lockwood and Lucy ever get together in the book story? Do they ever kiss? In this article, we will reveal the answer for you.

You can watch the official trailer for Lockwood & Co. here on Youtube.

Do Lockwood & Lucy get together in the book? Do they kiss?

The story told in the five books Jonathan Stroud wrote for the Lockwood & Co. series shows a connection between Anthony Lockwood and Lucy Carlyle that gets increasingly intense. At some point in the TV show, we start wondering if there is love between them: we don’t see it explicitly, but we surely notice how they care for each other.

This matches how the book develops their story: there is undoubtedly a close connection between Lockwood and Lucy, but it never transforms into something explicit. At some point in the books, Lockwood confesses that he loves her “like a sister.” But then the story keeps evolving, leaving room for something more.

To answer the original question: no, Lockwood and Lucy never kiss in the five books of Lockwood & Co. But the final page of the last book, The Empty Grave (published in 2017) reveals an important detail: Lockwood finds an excuse to leave a special necklace to Lucy, belonging to his mother. He leaves it in her room and goes out, then she finds it, hangs it around her neck, and runs for the stairs toward Lockwood.

This is the final chapter of the last book of the series. In some way, the author Jonathan Stroud left also this to a subtle interpretation: Lucy and Lockwood are probably getting together, finally, but we don’t get the chance to read about it or witness an official date.

Of course, we don’t know how Netflix TV show will interpret all this in case the show is renewed. We will have time to have this answer: stay tuned.

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