Lockwood & Co.: what are the ghost types?

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Lockwood & Co. is a Netflix series released in January 2023, based on the series of books by Jonathan Stroud. The books are five volumes in total, written from 2013 to 2017, and they received so many accolades to fill a whole Wikipedia page. Viewers have many questions, most of which will probably be answered by the following chapters of the series. But one curiosity above all is about the three types of ghost described in the TV show. The books have the answers, of course: let’s find out.

You can watch the official trailer for Lockwood & Co. here on Youtube.

Lockwood & Co.: what are the ghost types?

The series of Lockwood & Co. books by Jonathan Stroud describes three different types of ghost, from the less dangerous to the most powerful: Type one, Type two, and Type three.

Type one

Type One is the most common kind of ghosts. The difference with the higher types is that they are unaware of the world around them; thus, they don’t threaten humans. They are often trapped in their own patterns. There are many subtypes of Type One ghosts: below you find the full list filled by the dedicated fandom wiki:

  • Cold Maiden
  • Floating Bride
  • Gibbering Mist
  • Glimmer
  • Grey Haze
  • Lurker
  • Pale Stench
  • Shade
  • Stalker
  • Stone Knocker
  • Wisp

Type two

Type Two ghosts are more dangerous because they return to the world of the living, they are aware of humans, and they try to harm them intentionally. They are responsible for the deaths that The Problem caused since it extsts. Thanks to the teams of available agents, they are contained by iron and neutralized. Here is the full list of subtypes, always from the same fandom:

  • Changer
  • Dark Spectre
  • Fetch
  • Gallows Wraith
  • Limbless
  • Phantasm
  • Poltergeist
  • Rawbones
  • Revenant
  • Screaming Spirit
  • Shining Boy
  • Solitary
  • Specter
  • Wraith

Type three

Type three is the most powerful and rare of all ghosts. Their special ability is being able to talk to those extremely talented human listeners who are able to hear them. It represents the highest level of the ghost types inside Lockwood & Co.

Type three is so rare that most people don’t believe they exist. The first one reporting them was Melissa Fittes, revealing that she was the only known human capable to have a conversation with a ghost: the ghost she talked to was Ezechiel, the first Type three ghost of history, who taught her everything about ghosts and allowed her to build the literature about them.

The other type three ghost is the one we see in Season 1 of the Netflix TV show: the skull trapped in the jar, able to talk to Lucy Carlyle. That makes Lucy the second human being in history able to talk to a Type three ghost.

There is one last ghost of Type three in the book series: the hollow boy, the protagonist of the third book of the series titled precisely “The Hollow Boy”, published in 2015.

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