YN Jay, Perc & Sex, TikTok “Perc 10” song: lyrics & meaning

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TikTok has always been into rap. Especially the wild American rap that loves to talk about parties, drugs, wealth, and sex: one of the most popular tracks at the beginning of 2023 is Perc & Sex, a track released the year before by the American rapper YN Jay. The song went viral on TikTok, especially for its lines “how the f**k did you pull up to the motherf**ing party and forget the Percs?” and “Perc 10, I just popped a Perc ten.” The meaning of those lyrics is unclear to many: let’s explain what they are about.

You can listen to Perc & Sex in full streaming below.

YN Jay - Perc & Sex (Official Visualizer)

YN Jay, Perc & Sex, TikTok “Perc 10” song: the lyrics & their meaning

Perc & Sex is a song released by the American rapper YN Jay in 2022. It became viral on TikTok because many creators reused it for their videos, especially the part that contains the following lyrics:

How the f**k did you pull up to the motherf**ing party and forget the Percs?

Perc 10, I just popped a Perc 10
Perc 30, I just popped a Perc 30
Perc 60, I just popped two Perc 30s
Perky dance, make me do my perky dance

You can find here a long list of videos that reused this sound on TikTok.

The lyrics in Perc & Sex are about getting high for a wild night. The rapper brags about the girls with him and the party he’s going to join that night, but suddenly he realizes there is a big problem: the guy who organized the party forgot the “percs.” In urban slang, the “percs” are Percocet tablets, a potent opioid analgesic that quickly causes addiction. The song is, therefore, a celebration of getting high with Percocet and having sex (“I love Perc and sex,” says YN Jay at the end of the song).

“Perc 10” and “Perc 30” refer to the formats of the tablets available in the market: Percocet 10mg is the most common format in the USA, and theoretically, you cannot take more than one 10mg pill every 6 hours. Perc 30 refers to an advanced 30mg version of that pill, and “Perc 60” is a combination the rapper makes by swallowing two 30mg tablets.

We are talking about an extreme dosage representing a clear sign of addiction. The song must be considered an altered description of rappers’ wild lives and should be interpreted as an unsustainable, dangerous lifestyle.

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