Timothée Chalamet is the actor in the Apple TV commercial

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There is always considerable curiosity about the details of the commercials released by Apple. Probably because they are always so carefully architected, with the use of songs and actors that spark immediate interest. It has already happened many times, for example, with the song on the iPhone 14 commercial or the Airpods in 2022. In 2023, Apple released a commercial for Apple TV+, and the actor playing in it is a recognizable face of modern cinema: Timothée Chalamet. Let’s discover who he is, where we have seen him, and also the song you hear in the ad.

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You can watch the original 2023 Apple TV+ commercial with Timothée Chalamet below. There is also a second chapter of the story, here.

Who is Timothée Chalamet, the actor in the 2023 Apple TV commercial

The actor starring in the Apple TV+ commercial released in 2023 is the American actor Timothée Chalamet. He’s one of the most popular actors of the last few years, gaining international attention after the movie Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino, which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award as best actor. You can see him in the movie trailer.

More recently, Chalamet also played in the movies Dune by Denis Villeneuve (he will also be in Dune: Part Two, to be released soon) and Don’t Look Up. Before Call Me By Your Name, he was also in the cast of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

In the commercial, he discovers all the cool movies and TV shows present in the new Apple TV+ offer: he watches CODA, the film that triumphed at the 2022 Academy Awards, he finds out that actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Jason Momoa, Robert DeNiro, and Leonardo Di Caprio are in Apple TV+ offer (DiCaprio is the protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s 2023 movie Killers Of The Flower Moon and Momoa stars in the TV show Chief of War) he finds movies like 2006’s Severance, 2022’s Black Bird, and the popular series Ted Lasso, and he simply gets jealous: he wants to be in Apple TV+ as well. The commercial ends with him saying, “Hey Apple, Call Me,” recalling the title of the movie that made him famous.

The song you hear in the central part of the commercial is Que c’est triste Venise by the French-speaking singer Charles Aznavour. The song was released in 1964 and became a famous hit internationally, translated into Spanish, German, and Italian.

Once again, Apple made everybody talk with a well-done commercial. It’s no longer a surprise, nowadays.

Are you looking for the song in the iPhone 15 Pro Titanium commercial?
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