The song in the new Apple iPhone 14 2023 commercial

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Apple is doing its best to share with the biggest audience possible all features available in the new iPhone 14. Several ads are available, starting with the one with Idris Elba’s song Biggest in the background. However, at the beginning of 2023, two new commercials were released, showing two remarkable features: the “Unsend message” commercial with the lizard on the table and the “stable video” feature with the mom trying to record her kid running fast on the street. Let’s discover the song you hear in each commercial.

You can watch here the “unsend message” commercial with the lizard and here the one with the running kid.

The song in the new Apple iPhone 14 commercial released in 2023

The song featured in the Apple iPhone 14 commercial about the “unsend message” feature released in 2023 is Alive by Hanni El Khatib. You can watch the official video below.

Hanni El Khatib - ALIVE (Official Video)

Hanni El Khatib is an American blues-rock songwriter and co-owner of the music label
Innovative Leisure, which releases his music. He’s been active since 2010, and his music was featured in many commercials over the years: Converse, Nike, Nissan, and Levi’s were among the brands that featured his music in their commercials. Alive is part of his 2020 album Flight, among his most famous songs ever released. After Apple used it in the iPhone commercial, the track got a new wave of popularity.

Regarding the other ad, the song featured in the “stable video” iPhone 14 commercial released in 2023 is Get Out My Way by Tedashii & Lecrae. You can listen to it here on Youtube.

Tedashii is an American rapper known as a prominent artist in Christian hip-hop. He’s active since 2004 and has six studio albums in his discography. Get Out My Way belongs to his 2019 album Never Fold, a killer tune full of energy that perfectly matches that kid’s spirit, running as fast as possible in the Apple commercial.

As usual, Apple chooses the songs featured in their commercial very carefully, always trying to find a perfect match. Alive accompanies a lizard that is not really dead, and Get Out My Way follows a crazy street run that puts the mom in trouble for the video. Good job.

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