Ben Barnes, the British actor in the T-Mobile commercial

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In 2023, T-Mobile is risking winning the competition on the most popular commercial among mobile operators: while Verizon bets on the perfect pair Cecily Strong + Paul Giamatti, and AT&T is always happy with Milana Vayntrub as Lily, T-Mobile brings back a well-known face: Ben Barnes, an actor that we all remember for The Chronicles of Narnia, Shadow and Bone, and The Punisher. The T-Mobile 2023 campaign starts with him, not as the lawyer from the year before, but as a “charming British actor,” as he describes himself. And more recently, he’s the one breaking out of prison in the commercial released in April 2023. Let’s find out more about him.

Are you looking for the T-Mobile “well” commercial released in 2023?
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You can watch the new T-Mobile commercial for 2023 with Ben Barnes as a “charming British actor” here on his Twitter fan page. And here on Twitter you can find the prison commercial released in April 2023.

Ben Barnes, the “charming British actor” in the 2023 T-Mobile commercial

The “charming British actor” in the 2023 T-Mobile commercial is the English actor Ben Barnes. He’s mostly famous as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia movie series, even though the younger generation could recognize him better as The Darkling in the popular Netflix series Shadow and Bone. You can enjoy his charm here.

Ben Barnes played in many other famous TV series, such as Westworld (he was Logan Delos), and The Punisher (do you remember Billy Russo?). He was also Dorian Gray in the 2009 movie.

Ben Barnes has also a successful career as a singer: he released five albums in total since 2008, you can appreciate his voice in the official video of 11:11, released in 2021.

Ben Barnes is the card T-Mobile used in their commercial, to convince you that no other mobile operator can be better: a charming face and a deep voice for the American market.

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