Who’s the guy in the Cheez-It Chain commercial?

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Cheez-It is not only one of the most popular crackers brands in the US, but it’s also the first one that people relate to football: the reason is undoubtedly the schedule agreed upon for their commercials, but also the ideas used when preparing the ads. One of the biggest curiosities, indeed, is about the Cheez-it chain commercial, where a guy sits on the couch talking with a cheese wheel friend about “the cheeziest chain” just delivered to his house. People wonder who’s the guy in that commercial: here we cover it.

You can watch the Cheez-it commercial here on Youtube.

Who’s the guy in the Cheez-It Chain commercial?

The guy who plays in the Cheez-it commercial about “the cheeziest chain” is the American sports journalist Marty Smith. He’s one of the most famous reporters on the ESPN cable sports channel. You can find here his official page on ESPN’s official website.

Marty Smith has been a sports reporter for ESPN since 2006. He also runs a personal podcast, Marty Smith’s America, hosted by ESPN2. He’s an esteemed personality in the sports & TV world, and his face is easily recognizable, as you can see from the reaction of this young sports reporter seeing him by chance some years ago.

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