Lizzie Annis: The Witcher’s actress and her disability

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The Witcher: Blood Origin landed on Netflix in December 2022, representing a prequel miniseries to the famous saga based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Among the new characters introduced by this new miniseries is Zacaré, played by the theatrical actress Lizzie Annis: a British artist with several years of experience in theatre and movies. Her story is unique because she suffers from a disability that is diagnosed in childhood, cerebral palsy. Let’s discover more about her.

You can watch the official trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin here on Youtube.

The Witcher: Blood Origin, Lizzie Annis is Zacaré: her story, her roles, and her disability

Zacaré, the new character introduced in The Witcher: Blood Origin, is interpreted by the British actress Lizzie Annis. Lizzie is an experienced actress with several participations in theatre shows and movies, but The Witcher: Blood Origin can be considered her first big, prominent role.

Born in Oxford, Lizzie Annis played in many theatre shows, like The Glass Menagerie, The Kitchen, and Trouble. She also played in several short movies: you can watch her in Night Growler on Vimeo.

Annis is young (at the moment of The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s release she’s 26), and as a rising star the spotlight is on her, but her story is not an easy one: the British actress is one of the few examples of artists who bring on their career despite a serious disability, cerebral palsy: a disorder that causes many physical issues like constant pain, walking and swallowing difficulties, muscle weakness and premature aging. In the most severe forms, adults with cerebral palsy need constant assistance. Lizzie Annis suffers from a lighter form of this disability, and she’s going ahead with her career in acting, in theatres, and now also in major projects like The Witcher prequel. After all, she never tried to hide it: on the contrary, in this interview with Screen Daily she’s happy to see that the industry is now more open towards this aspect of the acting world, giving representation also to people with disabilities like her.

You can appreciate her performance as Zacaré on Netflix, and follow her on Instagram and on her IMDb page.

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