The Juice Wrld song Jenna Ortega sings in The Fallout

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The Fallout is a popular movie released in 2021 about processing the shock after experiencing a school shooting in the United States. Starring Jenna Ortega as Vada and Maddie Ziegler as Mia, the movie lived a second wave of popularity after Ortega became a star thanks to the Netflix TV series Wednesday. One of the movie’s most memorable moments is the opening scene, when Jenna Ortega is in the car with Nick and sings a song by the American rapper Juice Wrld: let’s discover more about it.

You can watch the scene with Jenna Ortega in the car from The Fallout here on Youtube.

What’s the Juice Wrld song Jenna Ortega sings in The Fallout?

The song Jenna Ortega sings in the car in the opening scene of the movie The Fallout is Conversations by the American rapper Juice Wrld. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Juice WRLD- Conversations (Official Music Video)

Juice Wrld is a peculiar, famous rapper in the United States. Differently from the others, he often talks about life, feelings, and how often we struggle to deal with everyday situations. For that reason, he has extraordinary esteem from hip-hop fans, so often used to superficial songs about sex, success, and money. On Auralcrave, we analyzed songs like In My Head and Face 2 Face as good examples of his art.

Conversations is one of his songs about anxiety and life’s challenging moments. In the lyrics, the rapper compares what he feels to receiving a call from the devil. What he does is resting in his car, isolated from the world, making use of some drugs like the “oxy” mentioned in the lyrics, and listening to music. These are all topics that we will fully explore in the movie.

Below you will find the lyrics you can hear in the movie’s opening scene.

Timing, timing, timing
All about timing, timing, timing
Sit back in my chair, relaxing and reclining
He has not a care in the world, no, I’m lying
Takin’ all these meds to the face got me flying
Takin’ all these meds to the face got me dying
Smoke ’til my mind frying, eyes red, high and crying
Numb the pain with Oxy and Dior, yeah, pricey
Juice like 2Pac Shakur, no ice tea
Givenchy, Louis V, Double V, icy

A song that caught the viewers’ attention for its lines and how they fit in the mood of The Fallout.

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