Key is Mr. Garvey in the Paramount Plus commercial

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In November 2022, Paramount released their new Paramount Plus commercial directly from Paramount Mountain (11,099 ft of altitude), and the protagonist came as a surprise: it’s Mr. Garvey, the substitute teacher interpreted by Keegan Michael Key of the comedy duo Key & Peele, and his goal is to verify the presences of all the animated characters of his class. But, as you know, he always has some problems with the students’ names, and this commercial is no exception. Let’s discover what’s happening and who we are talking about.

You can watch the original Paramount plus commercial released in 2022 here on Youtube.

Keegan Michael Key is Mr. Garvey in the new Paramount plus commercial

The substitute teacher in the new Paramount Plus commercial released in 2022 is Mr. Garvey, a character created by Keegan Michael Key of the comedy duo Key & Peele. The situation you see in the commercial comes directly from the famous clip below, their Comedy Central show.

Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

It’s undoubtedly a hilarious sketch: Mr. Garvey goes on with his unmistakable accent, confident and sure to pronounce all names right. Obviously, he gets angry with every student who tries to correct him because his authority shall not be discussed. The Paramount Plus commercial also includes his pronunciation of Aaron in the end, and it’s the NFL player Aaron Donald answering, collecting a satisfied “thank you!” from the teacher.

The commercial was so successful that people happily watched it on purpose, laughing at Mr. Garvey’s lines. “I’m not animated, I’m for real” is the most popular line taken from the ad because it adapts his sketch for the conversation with the Paramount Plus characters.

Let people smile, and you’ll make them happy to watch a commercial. Good job, Paramount.

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