The Lost Patient soundtrack: what’s the song on the TV?

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The Lost Patient is a psychological thriller released on Netflix in November 2022. A French production based on the graphic novel by Timothé Le Boucher Le Patient, the movie shows a plot that leaves the spectator in doubt for half of the vision, uncertain about the things that the protagonist Thomas remembers. There is also a recurrent song in the movie, sung by Laura in the car and playing on the TV at the movie ending: today, we’ll discover more about the film soundtrack and that song.

You can watch the trailer of The Lost Patient here on Youtube.

The Lost Patient: what’s the song on the TV at the movie ending?

The song playing on the TV at the ending of The Lost Patient, the key track of the movie soundtrack, is Baisers Bizarres by Alex Beaupain and Rebecca Williams. You can find it in full streaming below.

Baisers bizarres

Alex Beaupain is the French composer who cured the soundtrack of The Lost Patient. He’s pretty famous in France and has won many awards for the soundtracks he has composed since 2000. Baisers Bizarre is an original song written for The Lost Patient, and the female voice singing in this track is the actress Rebecca Williams who plays Laura in the movie.

A fascinating pop song that contrasts with the tragic events depicted in the movie: the fact that people got curious about this song is totally understandable.

Where can I listen to the full soundtrack of the movie?

The complete soundtrack written by Alex Beaupain for The Lost Patient is available on Youtube. You can stream it here.

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