John Cena “Bing Chilling”: the English lyrics & meaning

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Sometimes things get viral for the weirdest reasons. Back in 2021, one of the most popular videos streamed on the Internet was a short clip where we see the famous wrestler John Cena in his car, holding a giant ice cream cone and speaking Mandarin while singing a song. It immediately became a meme, with many users making up the subtitles to make the scene funnier (you want an example? Take a look). Still, most people were curious to know what John Cena said in that clip, even today. In this article, we will explain what the “Bing Chilling” clip was about, and you will also find the English translation of the lyrics at the end.

You can find the original video posted by John Cena on his official Weibo profile.

The Bing Chilling lyrics: the English translation and the meaning

The “Bing Chilling” video posted by John Cena was a promotional clip for the release of the movie Fast and Furious 9 in 2021, where he also plays as Jakob Toretto. “Bing Chilling” is Chinese for ice cream. In the lyrics, John Cena greets China and says he likes ice cream, but Fast and Furious 9 is on top of his preferences.

It’s a funny situation, made even more hilarious by the way he repeats the words “bing chilling.” The video even triggered a wave of tutorials about correctly pronouncing the words “bing chilling” in Chinese.

Below you can find the full English translation of the lyrics inside Bing Chilling.

Good morning China
I have bing chilling with me right now

I like ice cream
But, Fast and Furious 9
Compared to ice cream
Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious 9
Its my top favourite
So… now it’s music time
One two three!

Two weeks later
Fast and Furious 9
Two weeks later
Fast and Furious 9
Two weeks later
Fast and Furious 9

Don’t forget it, don’t miss it
Remember to go to the cinema to watch Fast and Furious 9
Because its very good movie
Very good action
Almost as the ice cream

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