The Recruit soundtrack: Clouds, the trailer song

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The Recruit is a Netflix TV series to be released in December 2022. Starring Noah Centineo (The Fosters, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Perfect Date), the show promises a lot of action and a story about secret services full of plot twists. The soundtrack caught everyone’s attention, starting from the first trailer released in November. The song is a modern rap hit titled Clouds: let’s discover it.

You can watch The Recruit‘s official trailer here on Youtube.

Clouds: what’s the trailer song from The Recruit soundtrack?

The song featured in The Recruit official trailer, as an essential item from its soundtrack, is Clouds by NF. You can find it in full streaming below. The song snippet you hear in the trailer is the final part.


NF is an American rapper who’s been active since 2010. He gained much popularity in 2017 with his album Perception and the single Let You Down. Clouds is part of a mixtape he released in 2021.

The lyrics you hear in the trailer come from different parts of the song. You find them all below:

I stay committed, embrace the rigid
I’m playful with it, yeah, basically

Unbreakable, you following?

Who are you kiddin’?
[…] out of the back of my mouth’s

I–I–I, I always advance
Say how I feel, you know where I stand (Woo)
Raisin’ the bar, I gotta expand
Top of the charts, I’m settin’ up camp
Pound in my stakes, I put up my tent

Just who I am, and I don’t regret it
See what I want and then I go get it
Followed my gut, I’m happy I did it
Cannot be stopped, you payin’ attention?
I ain’t gotta say it, they know where my head is
They know where my head is (Head is)

It’s a powerful, angry song with a cinematic production that perfectly fits the action plot of The Recruit, deserving a privileged position from the soundtrack.

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