What’s the song in the 2022 Frito Lay commercial?

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Frito Lay is one of the most popular snacks in the world, and it’s only fair that the commercial has a catchy, recognizable song in the background. Besides the many short clips the company has produced in 2022, there is a longer one called “Unbox the Icons,” which features an old classic song from the 90s. Let’s discover more about it.

You can find the official Frito Lay “Unbox the Icons” commercial here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the 2022 Frito Lay “Unbox the Icons” commercial?

The song featured in the 2022 Frito Lay “Unbox the Icons” commercial is Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. You can find the full track streaming below.

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack (Official Music Video)

The song is the most successful single ever recorded by Mark Morrison, and it stayed in the European top 10 charts for several weeks. It’s a perfect example of the 90s r&b style, representing for many the most fascinating phase of that genre.

The song’s lyrics are about the disappointment of a breakup. The artist sings about a girl who broke his heart and lied to him while he was fully involved in that relationship. And with that disappointment, Mark Morrison decided to become again the man he was before, who switches from one girl to another without emotional involvement. A mack, in urban slang. The return of the mack is what happened after that girl broke his heart.

You lied to me
All those times I said that I loved you
You lied to me
Yes, I tried, yes I tried
You lied to me
Even though you knew I’d die for you
You lied to me
Yes, I cried, yes I cried

Return of the Mack (There it is)
Return of the Mack (Come on)
Return of the Mack (Oh my God)
You know that I’ll be back (Here I am)

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