The song in the H&M commercial with Jane Fonda

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We know it: when H&M releases a new commercial, there is always a new song to rediscover. Last time it was the Hôtel Hennes and that song that came directly from the golden years of disco music. In August 2022, the famous Swedish fashion brand did it again, involving two important personalities of our days: the 84-year-old actress Jane Fonda, still in great shape, and JaQuel Knight, the American choreographer who also worked with Beyoncé. The commercial sponsors the sportswear line H&M Move, which is flexible enough for all purposes. And the song in the background is incredibly catchy. Let’s discover it.

Are you looking for the latest H&M commercial for 2022 winter holiday?
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You can find the original H&M Move commercial with Jane Fonda & JaQuel Knight here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the H&M Move commercial with Jane Fonda?

The song featured in the 2022 H&M Move commercial with Jane Fonda is Move It by Jaded. You can find the full track streaming below.

Jaded - Move It (Official Audio)

Jaded is an electronic music trio from London, active since 2013. They got the media’s attention in 2014 after Paul McCartney asked them to remix his song Hope for the Future, with excellent results. They published Move It in 2019, the perfect tech-house track for the UK underground scene. And now also for H&M fans.

The lyrics of the song are about dancing and enjoying nightlife:

Better run, just move it, do’s it
Got a plan, just ‘buse it, ‘buse it
Gal are gwan and they done up the dance floor
Drinks gone, just a run up the tab more
Till the beat stop, here till your feet sore
Got your man like whole night, want score
Got me gripped tight, want see me front door
But me still just a run up the tab more
Any, any, any, anything, we will drink dat
Bring me Henney when they drift, lemme lose that
Stay ablaze all night with the puff dat
Get the herbs on site, light me up

Better run, just move it, move it
Got a plan, just ‘buse it, ‘buse it
Better run, just move it, move it

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