Kia Soul, the hamster car commercial: what’s the song?

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Kia Soul has a long story of commercials: on Youtube, you can even watch the one on air in 2010, with the hamsters playing as the protagonists for years. In July 2022, Kia released a new commercial for its car, showing a different face: now the hamsters are skeletons, but that doesn’t mean (like some people were asking on the Internet) that the hamster is dead. It only means that the commercial entered the era of NFTs, and skeletons work much better than hamsters in that context. And besides that, the song in the background is incredibly catchy. Let’s discover it.

You can watch the new 2022 Kia Soul “Built for Whoever You Are” commercial on Youtube.

What’s the song in the Kia Soul “Hamster car” commercial released in July 2022?

The song featured in the new Kia Soul commercial released in July 2022 is Skeletons by the English indie band Easy Life. You can find the original video of the song below.

easy life - skeletons

Easy Life released the song in 2021. “Skeletons” refers to the skeletons in the closet. As the leader of the band explained:

“This song is about having skeletons in your closet. You meet someone and you know that they’re no good for you, but in a way that’s quite alluring.”

The lyrics you can hear in the commercial are the following:

You’ve got something dark that I like
But I can’t quite put my pinkie on it
Got a good appetite for a bad reputation

But I don’t wanna be just another one of your (skeletons)
Six feet deep like (skeletons)
Could’ve been so sweet but (skеletons)
Fasten your seatbеlts, call the police when I start to believe it

In its catchy mood, the song says that sometimes the person you love has something to hide, which can scare you. But it also attracts a part of us. The singer only doesn’t want to end up in the wrong way. And the skeletons in the commercial drive and dance on their notes.

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