What do you need to know before opening an account for your business?

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Every businessman, at some point, reaches the issue of how to open a business account. This useful tool gives the perfect opportunity to control the money of the company, pay taxes, transfer money or receive them via a merchant account. No matter where the business is located, in Europe or somewhere else, a business account nowadays has become a must-have. For more information, visit https://genome.eu/business-account/

Here we are going to briefly discuss how to open a business account in Spain, what to look for, which details are important and why an online account is considered the most beneficial tool in the modern financial world.

Open a business account and enjoy it

It may seem that it is a challenging task to open a business account and manage it. However, all over Europe, for this purpose, instead of a traditional bank, people search for reliable financial organizations that can provide an online account. Is it possible in Spain? The answer is yes.

To open a business account this way is not only fast and convenient but also related to numerous benefits and possibilities. The latter fully depends on the provider of the business account. Let us consider Genome as an example.

Convenient and affordable

Even if Genome Account is your first online account for business, you will quickly understand how to work with it due to the intuitive interface. The same we can say about the app that was created specifically for the clients who want to be in touch anytime and anywhere. 

Moreover, you will enjoy the transparent and affordable pricing policy when you open a business account. There are no hidden fees or any unexpected extra payments. 

Useful and swift

The Genome Account is opened in USD, GBP, or EUR, and the money exchange can be done inside the system for a reasonable fee.

You will be able to transfer money internationally and work with companies both in Spain and all over the world. Several IBANs in USD or EUR can be created directly in the business account.

If there are some regular payments, just create the template and transfer money in a few clicks.

You can start a merchant account too, and this will allow you to receive customer payments via local payment methods. 

Smart and friendly

When you open a business account, you can rely on it in terms of creating reports and providing you with in-depth analytics about your performance. That is a unique feature of your Genome Account that can contribute to the development of your company.

Remember that you, as an owner, can share access to the online account and manage money together with your team if you require their help.

In addition, join the referral program and advise your colleagues and friends to open a business account here. Then you will get useful bonuses and pleasant surprises.

The steps to open a business account

At last, to reveal all the advantages of the modern business account, we have to mention the fascinating easiness of the application for it. Genome has the following procedure that allows opening a business account:

  1. Visit the company’s website and register on it.
  2. Sign in and prove your identity.
  3. Fill in the required data about your business, its ownership, etc.

Up to 3 days is the time for consideration. After this period, you will get the notification, and the company will open a business account for you if everything is done correctly. 

That is pretty easy! No more going to the traditional bank, waiting, and losing your time in queues. No more tiresome bureaucracy and long lasted procedures with unsatisfactory results. Open a business account in a modern way, save your money and then transfer money and do all other transactions very quickly and without any problems.