The story and the true meaning of the Electric Slide song

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The Electric Slide is one of the most popular party dance moves, often played on weddings and clubs. The original song is a disco hit called Electric Boogie, and specifically the version released by Martha Griffith in 1990. The song was actually originally recorded by Bunny Wayler in 1976, but the version danced still today is Martha Griffith’s one.

The dance usually associated to that song is a well known line often used in dance schools. The reference is always the official video of the song, that you can find below.

Marcia Griffiths- Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide) (Promo) (HQ)

The meaning of the lyrics

Some years ago there was some buzz related to the song lyrics, because a false rumour started to spread: the theory was that the song was about a vibrator. But it’s simply not true: both Martha Griffith and Bunny Wayler confirmed that the song has nothing to do with vibrators (especially given that the original author of the song was male). The song is about good vibrations and the joy of life (and music).

The words used are actually quite easy and straight-forward. It’s about rhythm and groove.

You can’t see it
You gotta feel it
Ooh, it’s shakin’

You gotta know it
Now you can’t hold it
But you know it there,
Yeah here there everywhere

I’ve got to move,
I’m going on a party ride
I’ve got to groove, groove, groove,
And from this music
I just can’t hide.

Are you comin’ with me?
Come let me take you on a party ride
And I’ll teach you, teach you, teach you
I’ll teach you the electric slide

Some say it’s mystic
You can’t resist it
You can’t do without it

The reason why people asks if there could be a hidden meaning behind the lyrics comes from the old rumours and the urban slang associated to the “Electric Slide” words. But the song has nothing like a deeper, hidden dimension of meaning. It’s a disco hit that celebrate the pleasure of dance.