How many Russian and Ukranian soldiers have died in 2022 war and how many civilians?

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One of the most difficult information to find and verify during wars is the number of deaths between the armies of the parties involved, which is usually seen as an indicator of which nation is closest to victory. In the case of Russia and Ukraine, despite the resistance put in place by the Ukrainian army and people, Russian supremacy is beyond doubt, and strategically the best option for Ukraine is that of peace negotiations, accepting part of the requests for neutrality from Russia. But about a sure verification of deaths in war, finding reliable information is almost impossible.

The sources available

Among the most in-depth and reliable sources available today is the Wikipedia page dedicated to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which collects information from various other sources, but which performs the calculation over the entire duration of the conflict since 2014. In that count, over 13,000 soldiers have died over the years, and of them less than a thousand were Russians.

The Wikipedia page dedicated to the Ukraine – Russia conflict

As for the deaths of 2022, precise information is impossible to find. Obviously there are the statements of the parties involved that give an indicative idea: as reported by the Wall Street Journal a few days ago, Russia recently declared that about 500 Russian soldiers died in 2022, while over 2800 are the deaths among the ranks of the opposing army. On the other hand, Ukraine claims that over 5,800 Russian soldiers died in the fighting.

The updated statistic of civilians killed during the war in 2022 is instead maintained by under this link: we are talking about more than 500 civilian deaths, and over 900 injured.