Five tips for women on how to lead a balanced life and successful career

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In today’s modern world, there seems to be a better balance between the genders. It is almost a necessity for both men and women in the family to head off to work to keep up with living expenses, especially if there are kids in the picture. However, it seems that women are the ones who often struggle between work and family obligations and other desires. Some women even feel they must choose work or family but not both. This is not the case at all. With these five tips for women on how to lead a balanced life and have a successful career, work and family are both possible.

1. Ask your employer about flex work

This is a great option if you are seeking new employment since you will probably already be aware of your current employer’s stance on working from home. There are many employers that make use of workforce management software that allows employees to work from home, at least some days of the week. You could take advantage of that opportunity and this will allow you to schedule your time around any family obligations within the daytime hours. You wouldn’t miss the school concert, a teacher interview, or a hot yoga class you have wanted to enroll in for some time.

The pandemic has taught us how to work remotely, and many employers have realized that it is much more convenient. There are a lot of openings in professional writing services, marketing agencies, and other companies. The main thing is to find a field in which you know and which you like. With a remote job, you won’t have to devote several hours every day to get to work. Now this time can be spent on a dance lesson, a session with a psychologist, or just sleeping.

2. Get in some “me” time

Everyone talks about how important “me” time is for people, especially busy Mom’s but few women take this advice. Maybe you are having a hard time finding enough time to give yourself, or maybe you don’t know what to do with yourself. Whatever the case, you need to make yourself a priority just as you do your partner and/or children.

Don’t get caught up in “what do I do?” First, schedule that “me” time right into your calendar. If you only have a 30-minute window free, give it to yourself. You don’t have to write down what you are doing, or where you are going, just write “ME”.  When you get to your “me” time in the day, think of a hobby or interest you have. Even if you just go sip a coffee or tea for a half hour and read the paper, this time of just you will be beneficial. 

During the “me” time, it is better to turn off all notifications. For example, you are a writer, and you get a message “write my paper in 3 hours, please”. If you start this work half an hour later – nothing will happen. But having received such a message, you will no longer be able to relax and drink coffee in peace. You will be thinking about the new work task.

Some rules for “me” time are important to note:

  • Can’t be used for grocery shopping or shopping for anyone else but yourself
  • Running errands is a no-no
  • Daily living or hygiene routines do not count (i.e. shower, blow-drying hair, going to the bathroom)
  • Spouses or partners may not intrude upon this “me” time—this would be called “together time”
  • You cannot do any kind of workforce management during “me” time; i.e. no scheduling meetings, returning emails, or answering phone calls.

3. Take dinner out in the morning

There is nothing worse than getting home from a long day at work and then being faced with the decision of what to make for dinner. It just adds stress to what was already a stressful day and we all make poor food choices if we are tired, unmotivated, and overwhelmed.

Dinner can be turned into family time. It’s faster and easier to cook together. Also, set aside some days when you will be ordering food. And at least once a week, have dinner out of the house.

4. Make it a date!

When I say date, I don’t only mean with your spouse but also with your kids if you have any. Just as you schedule in “me” time, be sure to physically schedule in a time for your family members. It can be weekly, not necessarily daily. For example, pencil in for two hours on Saturday morning a trip to the park and a little picnic with a snack. This gives you something to look forward to for you and the family. Bring no work distractions with you when you are having date time with the family.

This date-time also transcends to your spouse. It is very important to stay connected as a couple and make time to be alone. This could be going to bed an hour early and just talking or cuddling, watching your favorite TV show together for an hour or it could be a formal date to show and dinner. Whatever you choose, make it happen at least three times a week.

5. Ask for help

Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do for many women. It is often seen as a sign of weakness or neediness, but this is NOT true. In fact, the opposite! Asking for help shows that you understand your limitations and that you want to take charge of the situation before it gets unmanageable. Sometimes you need help not because you can’t do something, but because you need to rest or you just can’t keep up. Students can write their essays, but they can have a lot of other tasks, work, and so on. That is why they can turn to essay writer. And nobody thinks they are not able to do it by themselves!  So do not worry! Ask for help from your spouse/partner, your family, and your friends. Don’t be discouraged if they cannot help, just ask another person until you get the help you need. Just remember you are not alone.

Balancing a career and home life is completely possible if you have the determination and understanding that each has its place in your life. Following these five tips will put you on the right track to workforce management along with enjoying important home time with your family.