Hold up: the documentary on Covid conspiracy censored everywhere

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Hold up is a documentary tagged as a conspiratorialist that in just a few weeks has gathered millions of views. The chosen title can already give an idea of ​​what awaits us. The term is ambiguous as ambiguous indeed is the moment we live.

Independently produced, it is directed by Pierre BarnĂ©rias. It started to circulate on Vimeo on 11 November 2020, however, it immediately ended its days. In fact Vimeo the next day had already deleted it, claiming that it contained multiple lies. Same behavior from DailyMotion and Youtube. However, it remains available for viewing on the film’s official website.

The film declares a vast conspiracy around Covid-19.

In essence, the documentary denounces a supranational elite of billionaires who, with the excuse of the pandemic, confiscate power and establish a techno-health and financial dictatorship based on deception. A virus created by the rich to kill the poor, a global plan to subdue humanity under the name of Great Reset. The Covid-19 pandemic has set the tone for often contradictory exchanges between doctors, specialists, professors, politicians, experts, all orchestrated and fueled to satisfy the thirst of the media. What to do? What to think? Who to believe? How to deal with all this information? In the documentary nurses, researchers, jurists, politicians offer a different reading of this unprecedented crisis by denouncing some of the government measures that have proved ineffective.

Almost a year after the proclamation of the pandemic, many pieces are still missing for the puzzle. To cope with the growing number of requests for intensive care beds, world governments proclaim a state of health emergency by affirming their authority with draconian measures: lockdowns, need for self-certifications to move, curfews, fines and even 6 months in prison for non-compliance to the rules. From a financial point of view, a huge disaster: many companies have gone bankruptcy, the living conditions of people got worse, and in the meanwhile who was rich earlier from rich, now is much richer.

The major French newspapers and some international ones have taken the trouble to answer point by point to dismantle and ridicule it, why so much interest? Perhaps because in the documentary they are mentioned for the advantages received?

Coronavirus : "Hold-up", le documentaire qui fait polémique - Reportage - #cdanslair 16.11.2020

The film, artfully shot for 2 hours and 40 minutes, keeps the viewer in a state of tension and amazement. The documentary touches on controversial aspects and contains objective truths:aThe use of masks. Quite an hot topic. Even the WHO did not have clear ideas on the subject. In the first instance they were not mandatory, then they have rectified and since September everybody wears masks, in Italy and in several other countries even outdoors. But are they really useful outdoors? Several studies, including the Danish one, did not show significant protection. Researchers expected to see a halving of the risk of transmission in cases where subjects wore masks outside, but were surprised to see a much more modest protection rate. Nevertheless, everyone must wear the mask, even though maybe they use the same one for days, but it does not matter. And if you happen to forget to wear it, the people you cross look at you scared, the fear of contagion is now triggered, everybody could be a potential source of contagion.

The use of hydroxychloroquine. The study promoted by the WHO on the issue was found to be not very credible and inaccurate.

Laurent Alexandre’s speech, cleverly truncated to capture the consternation, is very successful and has an irrefutable truth. We are in full cognitive revolution, artificial intelligence in recent decades has gained more and more weight. Until a few years ago it was not yet so developed for the simple reason that there was no data. To better convey the idea, three images are enough for a child to learn to distinguish a hippo from a giraffe. A machine learning that, as the name implies, learns through experience, needs one million images to distinguish a hippo from a giraffe. It is clear that in order to work better, the number of what is technically defined as a dataset is crucial. So we have an AI that progresses much faster than imagined, also aided unknowingly by our behavior since we give away data for several hours a day through our smartphones. It takes years to train a radiologist as an engineer, a few hours to educate an AI. On the other hand, with a school that hasn’t evolved for 250 years, how can our biological brains resist AI or be complementary? How will our kids be competitive? Like education, the not completely Darwinian school system will find space alongside silicon brains fueled by the infinite means of GAFA. GAFA stands for Google – Amazon – Facebook – Apple, some of the companies who hold the data that will be so crucial for the future. So when the teacher talks about cultural GAP we should just reflect and acknowledge that it exists. If, as he says, in France there are about 19% of young people who do not know how to use computers, at the speed we are going they will be cut off. Of course, dividing the world between dieux and useless ones hurts, but the society of the future will be even less egalitarian than now, if it ever was. The drama described for Harari in Homo Deus must be avoided, this is what the teacher actually says to his students.

Cryptocurrencies. The documentary addresses this issue: founder Jack Dorsey – head of Twitter and the payments company Square in the United States – bought about 4,709 Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is an economic empowerment tool, a way to participate in a global monetary system. In short, cash is destined to disappear. The process has begun, it will end up with our beloved smartphones used to pay for everything, and our data, our movements, our tastes, our inclinations will feed the databases or clouds of GAFA or other powerful ones. At the moment we are already observed, just think about when we activate a google search from home, the search engine knows everything about us and will list us exactly what we expect. To deceive search engine it would be necessary to ask it exactly the opposite of what we want. It seems hard to digest, almost science fiction, but the mass becomes aware of the facts when they have already started or worse yet finished.

WHO funds. The film contains this other pill. The World Health Organization aims to ensure the achievement of the highest possible level of health by all world populations. Well, this organization is mostly financed by private companies, the private sector at the service of the public, the situation is contradictory and sometimes scandalous.

As thinking beings, capable of implementing synapses apart from the brilliant mise en scĂšne, we could take the positive things out of this work and think, reflect on some of the truths indicated. This documentary gives input to address, verify, document yourself on different aspects of our existence. Fear is probably a necessary evil for awareness, in order to take back a more humanist world. The probability of a binary society exists and is not far off.

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