Six biggest reasons why geeks love online gambling

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In the past, apart from being great with computers, geeks were associated with loving comic books, Star Wars, superheroes and gadgets. However, times are changing and some of these stereotypical interests have been replaced by others. One of the new ones happens to be online gambling. Why are online casinos appealing to geeks? In this article, we are going to list a few reasons for this.

We have asked Daniel Bennet, why he thinks geeks love online gaming. Daniel is a Canadian expert on online gaming and you can read more about him here.

1.   Gambling is a workout for the brain

Most geeks have a higher than average IQ. This is one reason why they are so good with computers. Generally, they have great mathematical and logical skills and good short-term memory. With these skills, they can be successful in games such as poker or blackjack as their opponents might not be so well prepared and quick with their strategies. Geeks can see a card game against others as a challenge and winning will give them satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

2.   Many options of games

Geeks love everything cool that happens on a computer screen. Nowadays game design is a field you can study in college and new games that come out every day are anything but boring. The designs and sounds are amazing and some will test players as the game goes on. Finding the best games is a challenge for geeks so a new function or feature can be really exciting for them.

Casinos are competing for customers and there are dozens of online casinos that accept Canadian players. If you are looking for a new online casino, it is really important to check out reviews from reliable third-party sites.

3.   Easy money

Winning at a casino is quicker and certainly more entertaining than working 40-60 hours a week in an office and waiting for the end of the month for a paycheck. Those who play games of chance, such as baccarat or roulette will most likely lose money in the long run but geeks prefer strategy games. Did you know that with certain types of video poker, applying the perfect strategy there is no house edge? So, in other words, it is possible to make money with it consistently. And rest assured, geeks will have the perfect strategy.

4.   No social interactions

Visiting a land-based casino is a completely social experience. You will have to make your way there, have to be presentable and have to know the rules and the etiquette. Apart from this, as Canada is such a huge country, visiting a land-based casino might mean hundreds of miles of driving. Well, geeks are not that good with all these. However, they can play poker in a live-dealer game wearing their underwear while eating gummy bears. For these often anti-social people, this is a new way of making money without having to leave their house.

5.   Adrenaline rush

Video games against opponents are known to give players an adrenaline rush. And geeks will certainly rather play computer games than do skydiving or mountain biking. The excitement of games further grows if money is at stake. They will not only feel a sense of achievement but they will be financially rewarded for something they enjoyed doing in the first place.

6.   Knowing how to use offers

Geeks spend so much time on the computer, they are really experts in what they are doing. As they often have an analytical mind, they will be aware of all the offers and bonuses casinos offer and they will make an educated decision about each of them. If you know what you are doing you can easily make more money using bonus offers, while other offers will make it almost impossible for you to monetize.


There is a clear link between being a geek and liking online gambling. Geeks find excitement in games which are enhanced further with the possibility of winning money. They don’t have to be socializing with others and can beat their opponents with their better than average mathematical skills and carefully applied strategies.

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