Cisco CCNP R&S certification: what can help in your preparation process

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Networks have become a huge part of communication and in conducting businesses, in particular in day to day transactions. A well-established network has the capability of running smoothly with minimal interruptions and performing tasks efficiently. There is a lot that goes behind a full-fledged network, especially security, infrastructure, and maintenance have to play key roles in the success. Employers sought after network specialists and professionals with validated networking skills to strengthen their IT teams, and therefore there’s a sea of opportunities for a rewarding career in networking.

Thus, the best way to show the employer that you are a professional in the field of networking is to have a proper certification. This article focuses on one of the most popular and demanded credentials — Cisco CCNP Certification Practice Tests , the necessary facts about the exams you have to pass and some useful tips for your preparation with the help of exam dumps. But first, let’s find out some information about Cisco.

Cisco — One of the Biggest Learning Communities

Cisco is considered the world leader when it comes to providing networking solutions. It has come up with some groundbreaking products and services in the networking field over the past few decades and to equip specialists with the most relevant skills, this chief IT vendor offers numerous certifications for all tastes.

Cisco’s training programs and certifications are highly received in the tech world for maintaining high standards and structuring their modules to reflect upon the latest trends and requirements of the tech industry. Getting your skills validated by Cisco will create a lot of pathways in your career so that you can pursue your professional dreams. This reputable company offers credentials worldwide in the following domains design, cloud, IoT, collaboration, security, data center to mention a few.

Why Choose Cisco CCNP R&S Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification is one of the most popular IT badges today. Much of this popularity is to do with skills validated, salary, job opportunities, demand by employers, etc. The CCNP R&S is an intermediate-level credential that caters to individuals who already have some networking experience. This badge will assess your ability to implement, troubleshoot, maintain local and wide area networks, and collaborate with network specialist teams to carry out more advanced tasks.

What should you know about CCNP R&S Exams?

To be eligible to apply for the CCNP R&S certification you need to have the CCNA Routing and Switching badge or any CCIE credential as a prerequisite and to sit for three exams: 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, 300-135 TSHOOT. Each of these tests costs $300 per attempt so the total price of taking needed assessments will be $900. You can register for these exams at the Pearson VUE website.

Now, let’s find some more information about the mentioned exams:

  • 300-101 ROUTE (45–55 questions)

This exam measures your skills in utilizing more sophisticated IP addressing and routing to work with Cisco routers joined to IPv6, WANs and LANs networks.

  • 300-115 SWITCH (30–40 questions)

You will be tested for your knowledge in configuring, verifying, and implementing complex business switching solutions that use Cisco architecture.

  • 300-135 TSHOOT (15–25 questions)

This exam will certify your abilities to perform tasks on routed and switched networks and follow the right practices to carryout network troubleshooting using the ITIL-complaint approach.

Each of the exams is timed for 120 minutes and will consist of questions of various formats such as multiple-choice, simulation, and drag & drop. For more extensive details about the questions formats, you can visit the official Cisco exam website.
Once you have passed all three exams you will earn the CCNP Routing and Switching certification which will be valid for three years. Meantime, the Cisco credentials and training programs are going to be updated until February 24, 2020. From this date, the CCNP R&S badge will be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise to gain which you have to pass only two exams. All the detailed information about this credential you can find on the vendor’s website.

Preparation and Practice: The Benefit of Exam Dumps by ExamSnap

Passing all three exams in one go would definitely save a lot of your precious time and it is not that difficult of a task if you prepare well and utilize the best tools available. Taking practice tests is a key part of preparation ahead of the exam: it helps to build confidence, familiarize exam structure, and identify areas you should improve.

ExamSnap is a trustworthy platform that contains exam dumps for hundreds of IT certification exams including 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, 300-135 TSOOT, needed for CCNP R&S. These exam dumps come as the vce files that are used together with the Avanset Exam Simulator to replicate the actual online exam interface. Use this tool to adapt to the question formats and reduce anxiety at the test and find your best strategy to tackle any type of question. So, using these dumps together with the VCE Software will give you the insight of the exam and make your preparation effective.

Now you can buy a set of three premium bundles on ExamSnap to prepare for the CCNP R&S exams only for $99,99. Each bundle includes a Premium File of questions and answers (proved by IT professionals), a Training Course and a Study Guide. Also, you can buy a set for one of the exams separately for $39,97 or try toll-free materials to see if this format of preparation is suitable for you and to make a decision of purchasing any items. All the free vce files are actual, updated, and uploaded by recent exam takers. Thus, they can help you prepare for your certification exams greatly.

Career Prospects for the Credential Holders

Below are some of the job roles that directly use the CCNP Routing and Switching certification and a few prospective top tech companies that you may wish to pursue your career in.

  • Network Engineer — average annual salary of $83,000.
  • Network Administrator — average salary of $69,000.
  • Network Architect — average salary of $121,000.
  • Network Security Engineer — average salary of $96,000.
  • Information Technology Manager — average salary of $94,000.

These numbers are only average salaries based on statistics of the website obtained over the US. They are likely to go up and down based on your personal experience, qualifications, company, etc.

Popular companies all over the world would give you great value for your CCNP Routing and Switching certification and allow prosperous growth in your career. You are going not only to get a higher salary but also to have modernized knowledge and skills to run your projects more effectively.


The CCNP R&S is for those individuals who would like to boost their networking skills and strive for advancements in their careers. With this certification, you will be able to venture into newer areas in the field of networking, increase your hireability, be more useful at your workplace, and much more.

To obtain the CCNP Routing and Switching certification you should successfully attempt all three exams. While passing them isn’t too challenging, good preparation and equipping yourself with powerful educational tools may make your life easier. Using exam dumps from ExamSnap you’ll overcome your anxiety and adopt the best strategies to tackle any type of exam questions.

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