Ava Adore: The Smashing Pumpkins’ masterpiece video

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We must never be apart
We must never be apart

For music lovers and nostalgic fans of the 90s, the refrain above will bring back thousands of memories. This is Ava Adore, one of the most famous alternative-rock songs ever made, a milestone in The Smashing Pumpkins discography. A song that stands out immediately for its electronic drums, with a rhythm and a technical essence that could very well dominate and replace every instrument and effect. The listener wouldn’t just notice anything.

Aver since the beginning, maybe because of his famous “the world is a vampire” or because of the color of his skin, the image of Billy Corgan is associated with vampires. In the video of the song, he’s even closer to that, in a gothic context that crosses various scenes, in the role of one of those evil characters that in the end turn out to be good. Thanks to a long shot, “decorated” by alternations of fast and slow motion, the video won the prize for the “most elegant video” during 1998 edition of the VH1 Fashion Awards.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore (Official Music Video)

Unnatural movements, dark tones and cinematographic techniques of various kinds have allowed the Pumpkins to add in their discography a real work worthy of the seventh art: cinema. The merit goes to Dom and Nic, two British directors who since 1994 have had numerous collaborations and jobs. Oasis’ D’You Know What I Mean? and David Bowie’s Im Afraid of Americans are just some of the best known works of the two directors.

The stylistic choices are inspired by those raw, crude lyrics and by the album itself. The recordings of the album began in 1996 and the absence of Jimmy Chamberlein, the previous drummer, certainly influenced the sound. While the other element that greatly influenced the lyrics was the death of Billy’s mother.

From here the style of the band changed, the guitars of the previous albums were used for a more melodic sound accompanied by pianos, acoustic guitars and by that melancholy that never left Billy.

Lovely girl you’re the beauty in my world
Without you there aren’t reasons left to find

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