The most exciting gambling movies ever made

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Gambling movies are one of the best loved genres on the planet. This is because gambling in general provides a lot of highs and a lot of lows, with a thrilling ride guaranteed. And with the introduction of the online sphere, RoyalVegas CA and like-minded brands have been able to make this wonderful pastime available to a wider audience. Therefore, this had led to tones of gambling movies being produced over the years. So, if you want to watch a movie packed full of excitement, gambling is probably the category for you.


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Casino is undoubtedly the most iconic gambling movie of all time, and it’s one of them films which everyone has seen at least once. It often makes the top 10 movies of all-time list of every film buff, and with an all-star cast which features Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, it should come as no surprise. Tasked with running a casino on behalf of the mob, things go smoothly until Nicky, played by Pesci, becomes increasingly erratic in his behaviour, causing all sorts of mayhem.

Casino Royale

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Now, there’s been some great Bond films over the years, with many featuring gambling, but none of them compare in that respect to Casino Royale. This instalment of the hit franchise sees Daniel Craig take on the role of Bond, as he goes after terrorist financier Le Chiffre. News on the grapevine suggests Le Chiffre is looking to raise funds by play high stakes poker, which sees Bond travel across the world to take him on. This provides viewers with one of the most gripping scenes in movie history, as Le Chiffre and Bond go head to head in an all-or-nothing showdown at the poker table in Monte Carlo.

The Cincinnati Kid

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The Cincinnati Kid is another top gambling movie which features some epic performances from top actors such as Steve McQueen. The Cincinnati Kid is effectively a gambler looking to make a name for himself, but until Lancey Howard comes along, he’s very much untested against anyone with a good level of skill. With Howard agreeing to take the Cincinnati Kid on, things then begin to conspire against him, with his interest in a girl putting his chances of winning at risk. In the end, the showdown happens, which provides a thrilling finale, but who comes out on top?


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Everyone who gambles dreams of beating the bookie or casino, and if there was a way to guarantee winning every time, who wouldn’t go with it? Well, the movie 21 tells a story of exactly how that came to be. A math’s professor with a gambling problem teaches a group of talented students how to count cards, which effectively gives them the ability to head to the casinos on the Vegas strip and beat them at their own game, which they do with aplomb. However, there’s betrayal involved in this story too, which makes it one of the most gripping gambling movies out there. It’s also the film of choice for fans of blackjack and card counting.

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