Jessica Jones, 3° (and last) season: the trailer and what will happen

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After the rumors of last weeks, the release date of Jessica Jones‘ third season has been finally confirmed: the last of the Netflix series dedicated to a Marvel superhero will land on June 14th (2019). Netflix announced it with the trailer below.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 3 | Trailer | Netflix

The news arrives with the confirmation that the third season will also be the last: after it, we will no longer see Krysten Ritter in the role of the special investigator with superhuman strength and some alcohol issues.

About what is going to happen, there are already several rumors: the last season ended with the death of Jessica’s mother and the increasing frictions between her and her sister Trish. From the comics we know that Patsy Walker, the character that Trish is based on, eventually becomes the superhero Hellcat. It is therefore assumed that the role of Trish will acquire a much greater weight in the third season, and it’s not excluded that, before becoming a good character, the events will see Patsy in the role of Jessica’s antagonist.

Whether the villain of the series will be Patsy or someone else is still a mystery. There is, however, a new element of great interest available, which comes directly from a tweet by the creator of the series, Melissa Rosenberg, in response to a fan who said goodbye to Kilgrave, the successful villain of the first season. Melissa’s message is clear: the last word is not yet spoken. And when she said that, it was February 2019.

We will find out about the rest very soon.

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