The Jesus Rolls: “The Big Lebowski” spin-off sequel is on the way

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Since the day of its release, many have been looking forward to a possible comeback of The Big Lebowski as a sequel. Probably because of the way Jeff Bridges’s character hit the spectators, becoming a real lifestyle to be imitated. It’s no coincidence, in fact, the buzz exploded after the 15-seconds video shared on Twitter in January 2019, with the quick appearance of The Dude that message: “Can’t be living in the past, man.” The question was obvious: is a The Big Lebowski sequel coming? Well, that video was not supposed to mean anything of that (it was just a teaser of a new commercial by Stella Artois) and the Coen brothers have always ruled out the possibility of a sequel: they just don’t intend to work in this direction.

However, The Big Lebowski universe is actually coming back to theatres, and soon, but in a rather different way: it’s called The Jesus Rolls and it shall be considered a spin-off of The Big Lebowski, focused on the character of Jesus Quintana, the bowling player interpreted by John Turturro. Turturro is the one who really wanted this movie, convincing the Coen brothers to give him the permission to rework the character autonomously.

The Big Lebowski - Jesus Scene (1080p)

The film will show the most scandalous sides of Turturro’s character, a pervert convicted for pedophilia. At the same time, The Jesus Rolls will be a remake of Going Places, a 1974 film which scandalized the audience for the strong, sexually explicit contents. Also the version made by Turturro anticipates some strong content.

Other cast members include Bobby Cannavale and Audrey Tautou as the two other main characters alongside Jesus Quintana. John Turturro had a big role in writing the film, developing his character exactly as he wanted. The film, however, is not produced by the Coen brothers and it’s not related to them. And no cameos of the real Big Lebowski is expected.

The film production started already in 2016 and it will land in 2020. No release date confirmed yet, however, and no trailer available. We need to be patient.

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