I Wanna Be Adored: the meaning of The Stone Roses’s song

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Without The Stone Roses, the whole Britpop wave which includes (from Blur to The Verve and Oasis) could even not exist. Their debut album is a masterpiece and inside it there is a hypnotic and dragging song, I Wanna Be Adored, with the rhythm built by the Mani-Reni couple, respectively bass and drums, always full of inspiration and inventiveness, and Ian Brown’s voice singing.

The song wants to communicate the exact opposite, actually. Ian didn’t want people to worship him and what he was trying to say is that the desire to be adored is a sin. It’s like lust, greed. Because it’s a type of apotheosis that provides a transient pleasure, and a true artist should know it. In his own words, a true artist should never sell his soul and should be careful to preserve the flame of creativity in him.

I don’t have to sell my soul
He’s already in me

The true artist, the one who really has something to say and communicate, doesn’t need to be adored. He just express himself and that’s enough, regardless of the result or the successes achieved.

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