Better Call Saul: here’s the real website where you can help Huell Babineaux

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Better Call Saul fans have been waiting long for the fourth season, and now that it’s on Netflix, it’s again a pleasure to be dragged by those insights that deepen the characters in such a subtle way, revealing slowly their psychology, feeding the pleasure of discovery.

One of the most important moments of the fourth season was the series of adventures and tricks set up by Jimmy and Kim to prevent Huell Babineaux to go to prison, after having “accidentally” knocked out a policeman. Among the creative solutions adopted by the two lawyers there was fake website, where Huell was an important personality of the Free Will Baptist Church, a crucial element that convinced the tribunal to get the defense agreement.

What few people know is that the website really exists.

Baptist_churchThe official page of the series shared the link on Facebook, the day after the release of the eighth episode of the fourth season. The site of the Free Will Baptist Church is exactly what you see in the images of the series, with the photos of Huell while devoting to the parish activities, the invitation of the pastor to help Huell by sending letters to the judge in Albuquerque and the “Donate” Button. The button, however, points to the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, an association that aims to fight hunger.

Donations are still on going, in case you want to cooperate…

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