Mr. Robot Season 4 is coming

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It was one of the most popular TV shows of last years, winner of an Emmy Award to Rami Malek in 2016 as best actor. In three seasons Mr. Robot has become a small cult for hackers, IT enthusiasts and dreamers of the revolution against the power: among the various plot twists, the series got three seasons so far, and an open ending that leaves the story open for a new season.

The fourth season is in fact already in progress. The creator Sam Esmail, at the end of 2017, published on Instagram a photo of the writers team, all working together on the continuation of the series.

In a recent interview, Christian Slater (who also won a Golden Globe for his performance) revealed that the team of writers started working again on the story, trying to send the fourth season on air as soon as possible. The plan would seem to start shooting the series in November 2018, so we could watch it in 2019. And Christian Slater revealed also another news, which could disappoint many: the fourth season could reasonably be the last one.

Being the writing still going on, nothing has been shared about what will happen in the next season, but the speculations are already on going. One in particular is gathering attention: the possibility that the series starts to play with time in a more explicit way. Slater himself spoke in another interview about “time travels”, meaning probably the use of flashbacks to better clarify the past events of the story and the way Elliot grew up as a child. But this idea to “rewind the tape” and go back in the past was a main topic of latest season, with Whiterose sure to be able to rejoin who lives with who died.

In the meanwhile, another news hit Mr. Robot fans recently: this fall, Black Mask Studios will release a comic that will cover the prequel of the story and how fsociety was born, before season 1. Not much has been revelaed so far, but Sam Esmail worked closely with the writers of the comic, so it’s legit to expect an extended story oriented to reveal more about the characters of the series.

About the characters, there will be obviously all the main protagonists: Elliot, Mr. Robot, Darlene, Angela, Phillip Price and Whiterose. However, there is not yet an agreement with Bobby Cannavale about Irving, the handyman of the Dark Army appeared in the last season. And it’s still unclear the involvement of Fernando Vera, the drug dealer that reappeared in the ending scene of last season. For all the rest, and for more information, we need to wait.

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