Is 1899 a true story? Did the Prometheus ship exist?

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1899 is a popular TV series released on Netflix in November 2022. Originating from the same creators of the successful Dark, the show has been among the most streamed items on Netflix since the first day, and many questions have come up already from the first episode. The plot tells the story of the Prometheus ship, which disappeared in 1899, and people wonder if that ship really existed and if its disappearance is based on a true story of a sank ship, maybe related to the Bermuda Triangle. In this article, we will provide all answers.

You can find the official trailer of 1899 here on Youtube.

1899: did the Prometheus ship exist, and is it based on a true story?

A ship named Prometheus really existed in 1899. It was part of the Royal Navy, the British warfare force, and it was launched the year before, in 1898. Its full name was HMS Prometheus. But it wasn’t a ship built for commercial purposes, and it never disappeared: it served the Navy for years and later was sold in 1914.

The same applies to the other ship, the Kerberos, where the first episode takes place: there is no record of any prominent ship with that name, existing in 1899.

Who is Prometheus?

Prometheus is a god of Greek Mythology, considered very intelligent and empathetic. According to the myth, he stole the fire from the gods and donated it to humans, allowing them to develop science and technology. For this, he was punished by Zeus: as a punishment, Prometheus was bound to a rock, and an eagle was trained to eat his liver every day. The liver would grow again at night, to be eaten again the days after, for the rest of the days.

Is 1899 based on the true story of a disappeared ship?

No, the TV show 1899 is not based on any true story or actual events.

Fans have wondered if the Bermuda triangle was involved in the story because the plot is about a ship that mysteriously disappeared on its way from Europe to America and also because the triangle is one of the main symbols of the series. The Bermuda Triangle is a real territory in the Atlantic Ocean where, according to legend, many ships have lost their connections to the rest of the world and disappeared.

1899 is a fictional story created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, and it’s not inspired by any real story.

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