Dreams of Dalí: a virtual reality trip into surrealism

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Thanks to the progress of technology and its synergy with art, today it’s possible to enter the work of one of the most loved and contemplated painters of all time. We are talking about Salvador Dalí, and specifically about his Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s ‘Angelus’, painted in 1934. During a multimedia exhibition held in Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, the visitors were able to wear an Oculus Rift (the device used for Virtual Reality) and explore Dalí’s paintings by entering into them, in a visual experience that exceeded every expectation.

The exhibition, now over, was called “Disney and Dali: Architects of Imagination” and explored the great friendship between the two characters, also retracing in history the common works and projects: like the animated short film Destino, that we already told you about here, never completed until 1999, when Disney’s nephew Roy Edward resumes the work, followed afterwards by Dominique Monfrey in 2003.

Dreams of Dali: 360º Video

Since Virtual Reality experience is not accessible to everybody, the museum has uploaded on YouTube a video that you can stream on smartphone, on 360° mode. Your point of view is the one of the two figures painted in the original work at the bottom of the canvas: a man and a child holding hands and walking in the desert, under a sky blue like the depths of the ocean, through what are recurring figures in Dali’s imagination, such as elephants with long, thin legs like twigs or a lobster-shaped phone. All surrounded by the narrative voice of Dali himself and by mechanical sounds, sometimes strident, dark, echoing, capable of recreating that perfect dream effect that is the basis of all surrealism. You can find the video above. Really like a daydream.

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